Static and Ground Noise

I like McCain, I like Obama as a person, and I like Sarah Palin; who was the other guy again? Just kidding Bazooka Joe. But I can’t take it anymore I really can’t. Whatever happened to “We the People”? Remember when this election was supposedly about us? Instead it’s about one team triumphing over the other, both sides firing off scud missiles at each others camp. I want the candidates to focus, focus. Is that too much to ask? We pay these yahoos to help move this country forward and for each of them to contribute something to our national vision but hell, the only vision these two yokels have is one of arrogance and complete emptiness. I’m fucking sick of it. Excuse my language but I’m seriously fed up with this election. We have a sick economy, failing banks, irresponsibility on Wall Street, foreign oil addiction, a do nothing Congress, Russia provocation via weapon sales to Venezuela and Iran, and higher food prices because of that idiotic corn based ethanol mandate. So what I’m thinking is this; I should run for president instead of waiting for these clowns to get wise and get down to the issues step by step, in detail like a blueprint of a new building.

It’s time for these starlets to get serious and fast. I want to know what they’re going to do about Iran, Russia, Venezuela, limiting government intervention, limiting regulation without irresponsibility, promoting new business and investment ventures, lowering taxes for all not just the middle class or the rich, and I want to know what these candidates will do to end the silly corn ethanol mandate that increased the price of food nationwide and caused a shortage of wheat, corn worldwide. We don’t need answers, we don’t hope for answers, we demand answers. We pay these ninnies to “serve” and all they do is fight like spoiled step children over the Barbie doll.

Put the Barbie down and roll your sleeves up, get detailed and get on point for Christ’s sake.Now I apologize for my rant because I’m a reasonable person overall, I rarely get temperamental but this cat fight has to stop; do if for the country; you know, that place with the people you’re supposedly “fighting” for, that country yeah.

This makes me miss Hillary even more. When Hillary was running for president she was by far the most detailed candidate when it came to the issues. The media called her a wonk and a drag because at the time personality and words ruled the day over competence and issues. When Obama was seducing and “spittin game” at the media she was asking: “What about the issues?” it’s funny how for so long Obama rose to the top on his looks, his charm, a speech and change; whatever that means. Now all the sudden he’s a man of the issues. Give me a break. This guy didn’t want to talk about issues before. In fact the only time he wants to talk about policy is when the issue is him. A shady association, a radical pastor, a big mouth socialist angry black woman for a wife. So here are the questions I would like to ask John McCain and Barack Obama:

  • Corn based ethanol mandates caused an increase in food prices around the country as well as a shortage of food in Haiti and other poverty stricken countries around the world, if elected tell me what your solution and or alternative would be to corn based ethanol. Would you mandate it despite evidence of increased food prices and food shortage as a result?
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  • Russia is now selling weapons to Iran and Venezuela. All three countries have made it a point to provoke the US into some type of conflict. If elected how would you halt these countries, who aren’t as diverse economically or Militarily as the United States? Also, how would our relationship with China create a blockade between us and these developing nations? It seems George Bush and President Tao have a pretty good relationship; although China’s human rights record is still in question. That being said how can our growing and somewhat bright future with China influence our decreasing relationships with Iran, Russia, and Venezuela?
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  • Now for the economy. Our nation’s most powerful investment banks are going under or are on the verge of going under. How would you handle this event? Would you let them fail as a measure of the free markets based on their apparent irresponsibility? Is that the idea of a free market capitalist system? Entities that overplay their hand in risk, when they come up short they fail; isn’t that the right measure or do the entrenched interests of the Congress play a role in why these banks are allowed to fail like a normal fortune 500 company would or a small business would when they acted irresponsible and play with fire in the markets?
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  • Are government bailouts and intervention constitutional? Sort of a broad question but what lesson are we teaching the banks that decide to play it a little more risky than normal? What is our theme as a nation of free market capitalism when our government swoops in to save every single bank that decided to play with fire? And in the end is it worth the expansion of government into our economic system? Aren’t we setting up an introduction into socialism or quasi-socialism by sort of playing this game of socioeconomic chess?
    • Health care is one of the biggest issues in this election. There are literally millions without health care and thousands without quality health care. What will you do to increase the number of those insured without the government taking control of our health care system? We’ve seen several examples of universal health care. One in California, as a native I’ve seen it first hand and it nearly bankrupt the state. In France and Canada their government controls health care and both countries are financially strapped because of the burden it puts on their government. With those examples I just named, how can the United States look at those examples and learn from them? Learn to avoid their mistakes and promote a system of easy access, lower cost, employer based health care; health care without government control and or regulation?
    • On the issue of energy, the majority of Americans want to drill. Congress has had a lead foot on this issue. Some signs of seeing the light I must give some in Congress a little nod for being reasonable; but nonetheless energy is an issue. How can we promote a system of transitional energy policy? Going from domestic oil to nuclear, solar, wind, and otherwise. Our nation is by far the only nation that has the technology and capability to create these sources of alternative energy within the next 5-10 years. If you look at the developing nations, Russia, Iran, China, India, Venezuela, they all have something in common; they need oil to grow their economies. Now take China, India out of the equation and leave Russia, Iran and Venezuela. Hugo Chavez is trying to expand OPEC into a political machine. His goal is to manipulate the oil markets in a way that affects the US and our allies. He’s even tried to get Canada and Mexico to join OPEC; their two of the United States’ most trusted and loyal allies in the world. I believe if we drill at home, off the coast, and develop technology for solar, wind, and electric, we will not only add another diverse section to our economy and grow our economy, but we’ll put a screwdriver in the wheel of Hugo Chavez and the OPEC nations. The greatest fear Putin, Ahmadenijad, and Chavez has is a United States that no longer needs their oil and natural gas. So how would either of you promote such a venture?
  • Our Military is the largest in the world; second to none. Right now our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq have seen battle after battle; and they have our full support and prayers always. What will you do to rebuild our Military and int he future place them in area that are strategically beneficial to the United States?

  • And finally, Russia, Iran, and Venezuela are already in relationship with each other. Like I said before Russia is selling weapons to both countries. Venezuela is continent away from the US. If given information that nuclear and other mass destructive weapons were in the hands of Hugo Chavez would you strike?

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