Something Deeper

Did any of you catch Diane Sawyer’s interview with Hillary Clinton yesterday? I missed it because of school. I wanted to see it because I found it interesting the past few weeks since Gov. Palin made her national debut that every “prominent” women “leader” the Democrats had stuffed in the back somewhere were rolled out like black people sitting in the back at a Republican political rally. But one person you never saw was Hillary. So that got me to thinking, I think part of Hillary feels Sarah Palin and John McCain are wrong for America and that’s okay because there’s a political campaign going on; but part of her is rooting for Palin to succeed. Part of Hillary Clinton relates to Sarah Palin in terms of the media trying to tear her down, create a character of her that is far from the actual person. Hillary can relate to the Democratic party trying to carpet bomb her with outlandish accusations, smears, and lowdown political sniper fire. You could read it in Hillary’s response to the Palin pick. She said:*”While Gov. Palin and John McCain would be wrong for America, I think it’s great that Gov. Palin adds another voice to the conversation and should be celebrated” *

But more importantly Hillary Clinton appreciates the GOP for doing what her own party failed to do. The GOP won’t tell women to step aside in favor of another candidate; the Democrats did. They told Hillary, no they demanded Hillary and her 18 million supporters to step aside for Barack Obama. “Get out, get out!” like shouts from the crowd at the Colosseum. They create a system of selective democracy because they’d rather screw their most loyal base supporters than young people and African Americans who in recent elections don’t show up to vote. Hillary critiques Palin on the surface but deep down she’s rooting for this small town Governor of Alaska to show the Democrats and the media they will no longer stand in the way of strong women. That they will no longer portray and image of strong women as tightly wound, robotic, unattractive b-words. That is disgusting; to create a message that if you’re a strong women with ambition and a work ethic you’re some kind of b* that lacks emotion and grace of “real women” That’s the message our “trusted” names in media tried to send to the American people.And I hear that Hillary is canceling her trip to the protest of Iranian president *Mahmoud Ahmadenijad’s visit to the UN. I don’t believe she was behind the cancellation although I’ll have to read a post by anyone who knows about this. I believe, and again correct me if I’m wrong I believe the Obama campaign notified Hillary Clinton’s camp and told them to cancel her visit because they were afraid of an image of her and Governor Palin coming together for a united protest would be a very bad thing for Barack Obama.

Again, anyone who wrote about the protest and the cancellation please feel free to give me some more insight as to what happened and why. Lastly, I feel sorry for Hillary Clinton. First her party gives her the screw job, then they hold her hostage and make her “play nice” and “fall in line” then their manufactured candidate snubs her with the vice presidential pick. I mean you don’t have to take my word for it when I say they made a huge mistake in not choosing Hillary. Joe Biden, Charlie Rangel, James Carville, and Ed Rindel all said that Hillary was Barack Obama’s only shot at winning in November if he picked her as his VP and that if he hadn’t picked her there’s a good possibility he would lose to John McCain.

Now, now Senator Obama, should have let voices of reason influence you rather than elitist powers and progressive activists. I know their money was too much to turn down but come on.