The History Of The Individual

Despite what you’ve heard from either candidate deny everything. Okay that sounds like words coming from an anarchist rally but really folks, deny everything. Or at least get wise to words of only half truths; or no truth at all. Let me ask a question: How informed and or gullible is the average voter? How many promises do they actually believe will get delivered by either candidate? If you’re like me then you would answer that with a big zippo. I can tell you with concrete evidence that neither Barack Obama nor John McCain will have the capability to bring change; or at least not the change you had in mind. Furthermore this idea of “rescue me” is just a game of playing the crowd. How many Americans want lower gas prices? All of us do right? Okay, how many Americans believe either candidate can deliver lower gas prices? Anybody? Nearly all of them do; and that’s the shameful part I’m afraid. It’s bad enough to hear these two men skate on issues that barely know about, especially the economy; one offering quasi-socialist, increased regulation and protectionism, the other giving you a finely wrapped gift of same old same old. I mean don’t get me wrong, tax cuts are good and they’re needed in an economic slowdown. Last thing we need is more government programs, increased spending and higher taxes; that’s the very foundation of the Obama economic doctrine.

But as far as gas prices are concerned I’m a bit more cynical when it comes to both candidates and their solutions. I know that windfall taxes won’t ease the pain at the pump. It’ll only increase that pain. If you don’t believe me then vote for Barack Obama and find out for yourself. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Truth is these candidates should kill the noise on the issues they barely know anything about, stop with the empty and outlandish promises and “free stuff” and get to the root of our foundation. That root is freedom of the individual and the art of self-reliance. If either candidate ran on a platform of self-reliance and individual progression then I would be more enthusiastic than I am now. And right now, I’m about at a 65% enthusiasm level.See it’s the libertarian in me that longs for a president who understands the individual not as some poor hopeless sap who needs rescuing but as someone who can and is fully capable of rescuing his or herself when that person sees fit to do so. What are Democrats offering? The same old progressive New Deal programs that are veiled in change. Just a word folks; just one word, a slogan comes between an unraveling of old ideas and a pretty good political scheme. With the Republicans it’s like trying to put the meat back on the bones of a half eaten turkey. The apparent ideas of low taxes and less spending makes McCain sound like Captain Obvious. We get it, everyone wants lower taxes but both men aren’t telling you they will eventually raise your taxes. They have to in order to pay for god knows what government program they have in store. I mean to give McCain some credit he at least knows the meaning of less government. Barack Obama has for every problem a government solution. I begin to wonder when the individual would have a say in their own lives. After all, it is our lives these two men are trying to make a little better right? Well, isn’t that task up to the individual and no one else? Or are the fabrics of freedom and our libertarian roots being stripped away by those who believe in stifling individuality to help individuals prosper. You can’t have it both ways; so let the individual control themselves. Don’t worry, I’m sure after seeing the government piss our tax dollars away time and time again we’ll know how to balance our own check books. We do it everyday.

So what is the question we could ask, there are several: Are either men patriots? If so then would you not agree that a true patriot respects the role of the individual and the freedoms they possess to do what ever they want? Is that not the most basic definition of being an American?

I mean a patriot loves their country right? So then why not respect the space of her people? Their individuality and personal responsibility? Isn’t that what patriots in our Military fight to protect?

So why don’t these two men ever talk about how they’ll fight to do the same?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because one needs you to need him and the other is going along for the ride, hoping no one will notice the past 8 years.