The World Report

George Washington said in his farewell address that the United States must avoid intrusion into foreign affairs. That we mustn’t allow ourselves to get wrapped up in issues that do not concern us; but instead involve other nations. I wonder what George Washington would say about our role in the today’s world. I often struggle with that question myself; as a strong believer in America as the beacon and the light guiding all oppressed people to freedom and hope I often find myself in the middle between world’s last hope for opportunity and that dream of freedom and abundant prosperity, and world’s overstretched police task force. You know I love my country more than myself, I truly do; but I often wonder how long we can play the role of police chief. I want America to remain the standard barer of freedom, and I know that no country will ever match our constitution, our freedom, and our way of life; but I worry about a few things.

I read a piece on Town Hall by Michelle Malkin and she talked about how many countries, and even our allies blame America for the growing conflicts and ills in the world. Our enemies are no new thing. Iran, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea all hate us. We’re the “dark empire” according to Hugo Chavez. It seems those dictators have the same problem as the leftist sympathizers here at home; they equate American values and her people with an unpopular president. We must remember that these unstable leaders hate Bush so in turn they hate the country he represents. Although it’s ironic these rogue leaders hate our guts yet they wear our jeans, eat our Big Macs and watch our movies. It’s been said Kim Jong Il *is a huge Hollywood movie buff. Ha, well he hasn’t seen the latest crop of box office bombs; or maybe he has and maybe that’s the reason why he likes Hollywood so much. I mean, they love him back right? Sean Penn cruising around with Chavez, Danny Glover shaking his hand, Steven Spielberg recalling a “dinner date” with *Fidel Castro as quote “the most important day of my life”. What about your marriage and the birth of your children?But alas there is hope after all. More and more pro-American leaders are gaining power in these havens for Anti-Bush, anti-American suspiciously odd pro-Obama sections of the world. Nicholas Sarkozy in France, Angela Merkel in Germany, president Calderon in Mexico, President Saakashvili of Georgia, and Czech Republic president Vaclav Klaus. These leaders share one political alignment and that is the conservative ideals they’ve adopted from our own conservative movement and leaders. So my concerns of a growing anti-America movement in the world for now has simmered a bit. Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, and Mahmoud Ahmadenijad all have something in common. They hate America, rail against the “evil empire” to cover up there own. To pull the wool over their citizens’ eyes by inflaming anti-American rhetoric and explaining and justifying their own brutal and authoritarian regimes as a “fight” against the great American devil.

But isn’t that the most easy way out? To explain away harsh rule and oppression because you can’t own up to those actions. You can’t explain why you keep innocent people in the throws of poverty and limited freedoms and justice. All you can do is turn the subject to the world’s newest and so far most effective scapegoat: the United States of America. Yes, because when you commit acts of murder against homosexuals, imprison political protesters and artists, keep women in the bowels of society as nothing more than dirt servants and receivers of mercy killings by way of stone to the head and body, deny one of the most horrific events in history, I speak of the holocaust, and throw a propaganda campaign at one of the most prestigious, albeit liberal universities in America. It’s easy to blame us for your failed ambitions as dictators.

Hugo Chavez believes there’s a plot on his life by the United States government. If we wanted to kill that cocaine peddling street thug we could have a long time ago. Once again he would use any excuse, no matter how idiotic to stir attention away from his poverty stricken country where he tried to manipulate the constitution so that he could remain in power. Yes, America’s constitution has been used for “toilet paper” yet Chavez is the one who tried to rewrite Venezuela’s so he could feed his need for more power. Gotcha.

I quote a wise man: *”Dictators use any weapon within reach to retain power and influence. One is the blade, the bomb, the bullet, and the mouth. The mouth they use to fire off rounds of propaganda bullsht at their brown shirt yes men”.