Hey You, Yeah You The Redneck With The Bible and the Remington

Hey you, hillbilly; with your bible and your Remington. Yeah you, I hate you. I think you're narrow minded and you can't tell the difference between deception and actual truth. Oh wait, you can? You mean you're able to separate the lies we in the elite media establishment are trying to peddle about Governor Sarah Palin? You mean we don't scare you when we try to narrate her religious beliefs as out of the mainstream theocracy on steroids? You mean to tell me that when we break out necks to distort her very being we're not succeeding in doing so? Well then you must be as stupid as we in the elite media think you are. How can you not reject a gun toting, bible reading, god fearing, five children raising, large family unit having, small town living, rural charm having, hockey mom? Oh...because that's what you are? I see.

Well you do know she wants creationism taught along side evolution in school. Wait you mean you knew what she meant and she didn’t mean what I reported? She in fact meant she supports the debate between the two beliefs if one ever came up inside a classroom?

Well did you know she said the Iraqi war was god’s will? Oh you saw the interview where she explained those comments and said that she was quoting Abraham Lincoln? I see.

Where I’m going with this folks is that the media will do anything to stop this woman from becoming vice president of the United States. They all have a stake in an Obama presidency. Where can I start? They think she’s a dumb hick Anne Oakley clone. I mean do you hear the trash going on in the elite Hollywood circles; they make fun of this woman not knowing that their making fun of 80% of the country. Most Americans, and by most I mean the everyday folks in the South, Midwest, and Industrial US either hunt, fish, or both. They go to church, they read the bible and they’re god fearing. They don’t sit in high rise condos or hill side villas in west Hollywood. They don’t shop at Whole Foods and they don’t eat at high end restaurants. You know where they shop? They shop at Shop N’ Save and Aldi’s. They eat at small diners or they order in. What the media and their Hollywood allies fail to realize that in making fun of Sarah Palin’s rural charm, her small town accent, and her outdoors hobbies they’re essentially poking fun at the people they’re so condescendingly trying to convince that Barack Obama “understands them” But how can one’s allies sway people to believe he understands them by making fun of them?

When **Matt Damon** said it's absolutely absurd that Sarah Palin was chosen as McCain's VP because she was a hockey mom, and that it reminded him of a very bad Disney film he was so far out of the realms of reality and rationalization it made me chuckle a bit I confess. What this balloon head doesn't know is that Sarah Palin's story is the exact same story that most people go through. They go from modest beginnings to something better; hell they ever set aside their own self-obsessing goals to serve others; Palin did exactly that. So what's so absurd about going from mother to Governor? Or maybe she's just a Governor who happens to be a mother of five. But what do I know, I'm just a street kid from East LA who doesn't know any better. So I rely on self-centered overpaid, over dramatic actors who make horrible films to tell me what to think and who I should vote for. I only hope they tell me where to take a dump; hopefully on them. I kid, I kid.

There’s a deeper problem here. You see the elite left, the University progressives don’t want folks like you or me running the country. They believe our traditional values are out of the mainstream; old and narrow minded. Yes, they despise large families, church, bibles, guns, hunting, fishing, well anything involving the unfortunate demise of an animal, and they despise babies, hockey moms, small towns, old cars, our twang, and those darn flannel cut off sleeved shirts. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?