DOC-Post Redux

In my post yesterday I struck a cord. I was bombarded with comments; some enlightening, some negative. But I meant no harm in my overall message; and to those who think I’m some covert lefty troll; you’re dead wrong, dead wrong. I do no align myself with the left, in fact I’ve been rejected by them. Truth is moderates aren’t welcome anywhere because we aren’t passionate enough; at least I’m not. We don’t have a movement to fight for in this culture battle. The 60’s weren’t our launching pad, we cannot recall a time in which we donated an important idea to American society. All we have is the Clinton years and well, I hold them near to my heart because I am a proud soldier in the Clinton Revolution. I believe he’s the model as to how presidents in the post-Reagan era should govern. He brought prosperity without the ills of an expanded government and the broken ideas of the progressive movement. He ran against the early progressive ideals of Mondale and McGovern and I admire that in my presidents. I like presidents who buck their party and their party’s vision. They refuse to fall in line behind the established doctrine.

I have a lot of respect for Ronald Reagan I just feel his legacy should be protected not duplicated. It’s like the base is telling McCain: “This is Reagan’s house, you just live here” And I guess that rubbed me the wrong way at first. But now I understand the nostalgia of Reagan because Clinton once had that in the Democratic party.

I wanted to clear this misunderstanding once and for all. I’m not your enemy, I’m trying to help John McCain get elected like you all are. I’m just a centrist without a country so to speak.

My favorite Republicans were Dwight Eisenhower and Abraham Lincoln. I never should have touched the “Reagan” nerve because I realize those are fighting words to conservatives.In the end I hope we can all take something from one another and open more lines of communication. Contrary to popular belief Centrists share the view of conservatives on most issues.