The Death Of The Conservative Movement

Like Clinton and the Democratic party John McCain will rewrite the meaning of Republican if he’s so lucky as to take the oath of office. Many Conservatives, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram, and the ever mouthy Sean Hannity have openly objected to McCain as their party’s nominee. They say he’s not Conservative enough but that hasn’t stopped the Maverick from cleaning house; and rightfully so. Now, what I’m about to type might offend some of you; but I have to say this because it’s time to rebuild the party. Look, Ronald Reagan is dead okay? He’s dead and gone and he’s never coming back. Romney isn’t Reagan, Thompson isn’t Reagan, Palin isn’t Reagan. Reagan is dead; finished so move on.

I mean I know that sounds harsh but I get tired of Conservatives and their wishful thinking. There will be no more Ronald Reagan types coming through that door anytime soon. It’s time to let him go and lay his legacy to rest. All throughout this election year I heard, “Reagan this” or “What would Reagan do?”; “Reagan wouldn’t have done it this way” It got to the point where I thought Conservatives would roll out a Reagan clone they had frozen under his library for 10 years. I mean even the candidates were trying to “Out Reagan” each other it was really pathetic. Before every response during the debate they would start the question like this: “Well like the great Ronald Reagan”

I agree with Barack Obama when he said it’s time to turn the page. Not just on the Bush era or the Clinton era; but on the Reagan era as well. Guys, you need to stop all this Reagan stuff. The man isn’t in office anymore.Now, I’m not saying abandon the core Reagan principles, but don’t expect another Reagan to come out of the heavens and save the party; it’s not going to happen. For example it’s the same way with Democrats and liberals’ feelings toward John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. This whole Camelot thing with Barack Obama is just weird and sad. Holding on to figures long ago who have passed on and will never come back; and instead trying to resurrect them in today’s candidates is just pathetic and odd. Barack Obama couldn’t play John F. Kennedy if they wrote a script for him. I mean you can’t create something that is not there.

Look at Bill Clinton for example. Instead of trying to be JFK he molded the Democratic party in his own image. A more centrist governing style that reflected the majority of America which is in fact more centrist than left or right. I’ll never forget when he said: “The era of big government is over” He chose to abandon his party’s liberal doctrine and he halted the progressive movement by about a decade or so. McCain will do the same with the Conservative movement. McCain isn’t a Conservative and like Clinton he will ultimately develop a more moderate style because he’s a moderate.

Christine Todd Whitman hit the nail on the head when she said the Republican party needs to start accepting Moderates and moderate views. I know the concrete right hates to look at themselves in the mirror but it’s time to do so. Admitting that you need to change is difficult but sometimes that change is the very thing needed to keep the party going into the future. And that’s what this election boils down to. It’s about shedding old ideas of the past and looking ahead to the future for our answers and how we shape our vision. The Reagan era and the Conservative Movement of Goldwater is the past; a more Moderate Republican party is the future.

I suspect some in the party will reject McCain’s “act of betrayal” like some on the left rejected Clinton for going against the traditional progressive ideals of Mondale and McGovern.