Follow Up Post

I want to follow up on my previous post about the Conservative Movement. I didn’t mean to say that Conservative views should be left at the front door; and I never said we should rethink our free market system or our foreign policy. In fact I’m probably more hawkish than most RedState members. My views overall have been one of a more centrist approach. I can’t help it because much like my fellow RedStaters are soldiers in the Reagan Revolution I was a proud foot soldier in the Clinton Revolution. My political roots are that of right leaning moderate philosophy. Like many of you I’m pro-life, pro-gun, against gay marriage and I support the free markets; and a top of the line national security and Military. I don’t think Bush did enough in that area as a matter of fact. I thought he should have sent troops into Columbia when the FARC *received safe haven from *Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. But I also hold views that aren’t as conservative. For example I found the rhetoric of Tom Tancredo and Mitt Romney uncomfortable when it came to immigration. I don’t support torture and I want Gitmo closed down; although I do not support constitutional rights for terrorists captured during war or otherwise.

But in no way was I trying to take a leak on Ronald Reagan’s legacy. I was simply saying I hope the party learns to embrace change and diversity than they have in the past; and sort of get beyond the old establishment. All week during the convention I heard comments as to why there weren’t many African Americans and Latinos at the convention and to be honest that concerns me a little bit. I know how great this party is and I want others to see that as well. That’s why I joined the Republican party because I felt it was a bit more reasonable than the Democratic party. It was clear the Centrist era Clinton left behind had been eroded by the activist base and the coastal progressives that were elected and eventually took control of the party.

So If I offended anyone I apologize. That wasn’t my intention. I’m a new Republican and I don’t know much about the party or it’s history as far as the Conservative Movement is concerned. Like I said I’m not a concrete Conservative. I can’t pretend to be either.