Sarah Palin Please Stop

Don’t get me wrong I like Sarah Palin. I’m a McCain supporter by way of default, because Hillary Clinton lost the primary race; so I mean I wasn’t as on board with McCain as some of my fellow Republican brothers and sisters. Although when he chose Governor Palin I was convinced the ticket might work out. But I have some advice for Sarah Palin. Nothing too big, just some words of wisdom from a former twister of words when I was in high school and had to cover my own butt when it came to homework assignments and why I hadn’t done them. On the issue of this “bridge to nowhere” Governor Palin must refrain from saying she opposed it from its start because the truth is she didn’t. She was for it before she ultimately stopped it in it’s tracks; although her great state kept the money. See I’m concerned about that more than anything because it’s sort of like Sniper fire-gate with Hillary. And Palin is fast becoming a polarizing figure like the legendary New York Senator. I feel the Democrats are just waiting to drop hammers on her for that claim of opposing the earmark laden project. Yes, she’s a proven reformer, maverick, and yes she’s taken on her own party; something Senator Obama has never done, although he gave weak examples of doing so but those examples could be dismissed easily.

The American people love Palin because she’s one of them, but this claim could possibly do her in if she’s not careful. Well, not do her in, that’s a bit drastic but it could have a negative effect. IE Clinton and Sniper fire-Gate. And you know the left leaning Pro-Obama media with fangs dripping with venom they will hang this story out to dry along with Palin the same why they did Hillary and her infamous recollection of her trip to Bosnia in the 1990s.The media hates Sarah Palin so much it’s almost unreal the lengths at which they will sink to well, sink her. She represents what they find narrow minded and neanderthal; and that’s the small town American. The Appalachians, the Midwest types who shop at Aldi’s and drive old cars that spew lots of carbon. Those are the people Bill Maher called “dumb” and “bitter” You see the Washington staples in the media and in the Democratic party feel the same way as Mr. Maher. They think small town folks won’t vote for Obama because their ignorant racists and they think the fact that they go to church makes them unintelligent. Now you see why they raise Palin’s religious views.

So their reaction to someone like Sarah Palin is exactly what you see going on. They comment on her religion, they raise her views on creationism; by the way they distort that view like it’s going out of style. Not one time did she say she wants creationism taught along side evolution in schools. She did say that if a debate on the two viewpoints come up in a classroom she hopes it would be a healthy debate and one viewpoint wouldn’t get shunned in favor of the other. What’s so “bad” about that? Of course the distortion by the media is having little to no effect because the majority of Americans hold a favorable view of Governor Palin and women are shifting to her at huge rates; a surprise to Democrats. See, abortion isn’t the only thing women care about. Looks like that card is obsolete. Sorry Gloria Steinem.

But again I advice Sarah Plain to not give the wolfs a scent of blood on the ground. They’ll come hunting her down and tear her apart. They did it to Hillary Clinton and they won’t feel remorse for doing it to another woman. The media puts race over gender still; because they feel it’s their job to instill in us a sense of racial acceptance. While the party of “inclusion” told female voters to step aside so they can exercise this country’s racial demons.

Okay so here’s a little something for the Republicans who’ve been with the party longer than me. Remember when Hillary Clinton swore up and down that there was this Right Wing Conspiracy against her? Well I mean now do you see what she meant because there’s a Left Wing Conspiracy brewing against Sarah Palin. And I mean Palin is basically the Republican version of Hillary Clinton. Hated by the left and Democrats like Hillary had been hated by the right and Republicans for a long, long time.