Views From The Hill Side

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, Independent or Libertarian and Green Party member this election season, by all means resurrected and for the first time brought forth issues and discussions that in the long run help us shape and reshape our country into that more perfect union our founding fathers visualized 230 some odd years ago.

It’s funny how things have a way to come about. Topics long swept under the rug or, dealt with in fierce debate in terms of culture and where it stands, have crept into our mainstream. But it’s good for us all. It’s like the most taboo and off topic conversation pieces that will create that bridge to understanding. We’ve seen fiery debates about partisanship and culture, some say this year is the year journalism as we know it died. But overall I think we’re all getting a lesson in how to treat each other, honesty, integrity, and the tearing down of all stereotypes and boundary lines. I mean, growth is good and we’re all growing. So when you’re caught up in a hell storm of left versus right, culture wars, and social bombastic warfare we must again, divert to our shared beliefs that this broad conversation will do us all some good.

Barack Obama making history as the first minority nominated by a major political party brings the topic of race into the picture and hopefully simmers that long and grueling topic only somewhat if at all. Sarah Palin’s and Hillary Clinton’s run at higher office as the first female and second female ever to run for president and vice president, hopefully that shines a light on our more overt and long winded sexism. Indeed the “boy’s club” just got new members.In terms of Senator Obama well, the good old boys club had to open the books and give respect where respect is due. Despite where you fall on the issues give no less respect to Senator Obama that you would in turn want for Sarah Palin; and vice versa. I believe even the media will finally get it’s act together. Finally realizing that most reasonable Americans that live in the real world and not in the saturated land of self-obsessed and big University learned elitism. Yuppies who feel their way of life represents the majority are indeed a loud, yet ignorant and arrogant minority. Maybe the media will live out the rest of our mistrust, hatred, and disgust; instead of feeling that way about our fellow man and woman. After all, when’s the last time anyone read a newspaper; much less that of a biased and completely out of touch journalist. Just ask the staff at the New York Times.

I cannot mention enough how I love and am proud of my fellow countryman and women. For finally the voices of people who matter are starting to drown out the voices of people who only matter to themselves, and everyone at the dinner party.

In closing I share yet another quote from the wise: “It is funny, however ironic the men who built the media machine as a way to help truth and integrity flow, are the same men who overtime polluted that very stream”