All Shook Up

Democrats sure are angry this election year. We seen glimpses of it during the primary where they basically assassinated Hillary and Bill Clinton’s character and drew rifle fire upon them. There’s this sense of power driven anger that I’m seeing from not only the party itself but from the leftist blogs. In part well, they have their Jesus Christ. So they’re going to get fired up over Adlai Stevenson’s bi-racial love child.

But it’s not even that anymore. Democrats were lashing out at Senator Joe Lieberman in reaction to his effective speech at the Republican Convention last night. Effective in that it caused a tizzy amongst Democrats.

But it’s like, they’re angry over Sarah Palin, Joe Lieberman and everything else. Sarah Palin really sent them into a temper tantrum that would serve as a template for any spoiled five year old. But if this woman is so inexperienced and so obsolete then why are they so angry?

Redstaters in my last post of the summer season I ask you to give your opinion as to why the angry left has reared their heads upon the valley once more