How Dumb Can These Guys Be

Headlines from Yahoo to the New York Times: “The Heat is On” the feeding frenzy around Gov. Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy is like sharks circling an injured seal. Now I have to wonder if the media knows how touchy this subject is. Do they not realize that if they exploit and disrupt this 17 year old girl’s personal business their going to face a harsh backlash? Again, what is it about people and not either learning their lesson of the past or reading the warning signs that are lit up with neon lights and flashing bulbs. They cannot jump on this girl for being pregnant and try to tear down this woman for it. Her daughter is pregnant yes, but it’s not her fault. It’s not even a big deal. Let the girl and her baby’s father live their lives.

I mean, I was watching Charlie Rose last night and, man you should have seen the look on Mark Halpern’s face. He looked like a lion scoping out zebra grazing in the plains. He said that the media believes they have something in this story of Sarah Palin’s daughter being five month’s pregnant. What do they have? If this were Barack Obama’s daughter I wonder if they would “have” something. I’m always surprised how sadistic and cold the media is when it comes to these types of stories. This non-story they’re hell bent on turning into a negative story.

And I commend Senator Obama for saying plain and simple, family is off limits. I guess he understands when the media closes scope on family members. He also puts his own daughters in Bristol Palin’s shoes and well, he’s an honorable man on that front.The reaction from reasonable folks is pretty positive. It makes me proud that my fellow countryman and women aren’t as cynical or nosy as the media. Is the media not aware that 45% of all Americans don’t trust their reporting or coverage? Are they not aware of the fact they’re viewed as a biased and corrupt machine bent on advancing one agenda over another? I guess the only good lesson is one you never learn. They didn’t learn from the Democratic primary when they tried to degrade and defile Hillary Clinton; and they won’t learn that family is off limits. Especially teenage girls who have nothing to do with this campaign.

I have no beef against her but if this were Chelsea Clinton one has to ponder the media’s position. Then I think, yeah it wouldn’t change because they have the Obama girls now. Chelsea would be fair game, but why is Bristol Palin?