Why I Hate The GOP and Conservatives

I want to say, to all these Neo-Con, religious wackos out here; how dare you unite behind this ticket and become energized. How dare you. You are not suppose to show up to this election. You’re not suppose to have a fighting chance against our lord and savior Barack Obama. Did you not hear his speech? Did you not see the teary eyes in the crowd? Did you not see Stevie Wonder?…Stevie didn’t even see Stevie Wonder. Uh, yeah, don’t you know you’re stepping on the hands of manufactured history? Don’t you know you’re putting our misogynistic ways on notice. By picking this newly elected Governor who is inexperienced even though she has more experience than the guy at the top of our ticket and more executive experience than his running mate. I hate you all so much for embracing what has long been your Achilles heel; change and diversity. What next? You’re going to have a minority speak at your convention?…Oh, you mean? You are going to have minorities speak at your convention?(Bobby Jindal and Michael Steele)

Well, why did you pick a woman? Don’t you know we dissed women during our primary and the mere mention of a female on a ticket would cause female voters to take a second look? How can you be so mean? We’re the party of inclusion of Affirmative Action errrmm uh, I mean we’re the party of inclusion and of the working folks. I mean do you think a mother of five who used to carpool to hockey games, who when elected Governor sold the Governor’s private Jet on Ebay and fired the house keeping staff in the Governor’s mansion can win over blue collar folks? Do you think a former union member whose husband is a current member of the United Steelworkers Union can sway working class voters? Do you think this middle class Governor who comes from small town Alaska, a life long member of the NRA who goes fishing and hunting will appeal to those in rural Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan? Yeah…so do IBut, but you forgot our guys. One is a Harvard Law Professor who resides in Hyde Park. He has a half a million dollar home and he eats arugula. Oh and he’s friends with George Clooney. Ha, hows that for in touch with average folks. Not only does he support stricter gun laws but he supported a hand gun ban in his early political days in Illinois. I mean come on, if anyone is in touch with the people it’s Barack Obama. The one who suggested we learn to speak more languages because he’s too embarrassed when foreigners come to America and know how to speak English, yet the only words us Americans can muster up when we go over to Europe is “Merci Boucoup”

And what about Joe Biden? I mean his plagiarism is a sign that he’s paying homage to others…by stealing their own words. But I mean hey, the kid from Scranton…who doesn’t live there anymore, who takes Amtrak to Delaware every day….but Amtrak is expensive. Hm, well, at least we can tag Palin with the “Out of touch” label…you mean we can’t? Well she is a third Bush term

She’s a Washington outsider too? You mean she’s much more of an outsider than Barack Obama? Come on that’s absurd. How can a Governor from Alaska with no record of being apart of the Washington scene be more of an outsider than a Senator who works in Washington everyday for the past 3 years. A man whose vice presidential candidate has been in Washington longer than the Republican presidential nominee whose older than him I might add.

I mean Obama voted for the *Bush-Cheney *energy bill that stuffed the pockets of oil companies while this, this Sarah Palin bimbo took on oil companies in Alaska and won. This gimmick improved Alaska’s economy and cleaned up the corrupt gangs in her state’s government. How can you measure leadership and integrity between a guy who made a speech opposing Iraq yet he said had he actually been in the Senate at the time he doesn’t know how we would have voted, compared to a woman who turned the corrupt government of Alaska upside down in her first term as Governor. I mean, not voting for a war and a speech shows much more leadership and integrity than a person cleaning up their state’s government and holding their own party accountable for wrong doing. Obama wins hands down.

So bask in this optimism all you want Republicans and Conservatives. You won’t gain anything with Sarah Palin on the ticket. Well, only blue collar voters, undecided Republican and Independent women voters who didn’t vote for Hillary, and conservative Democrats but hey, who needs those gun clinging, bible clutching, slack jawed rednecks.

And by the way we aren’t afraid of this pick. I mean choosing now to possibly increase Hillary Clinton’s duties in this election is mere coincidence. It doesn’t mean we’re nervous about Sarah Palin.