Thy Lust Is Thy Blade That Destroys Thee

The Democratic party has turned. Born from bitterness and ager from the past administration, the party seeks not to flourish on prospects of hope but instead on angry and partisanship. To resurrect, all that was once thought to inhabit the Republican party; racial politics, baseless cheap shots, and political suicide attacks, all now reside in the Democratic party playbook.

The party of inclusion now the party of division and cynical sniper fire. Telling those who struggle, “Struggle now and forever unless thou anoint thee, overseer of one’s everyday life.” It is so that Democrats tell you, Life sucks and you won’t succeed.

Is it so that independence makes the man stronger, through failure and growth and the hands of comfort over time without balance turn the man into an obsolete figure. In no shape to lead nor fight. Democrats offer the hand that feeds you, bite it and it reacts not. For it is the hand of a corpse.

Driven by power and ambitious desires. Democrats allowed loose ideologues to infiltrate the party and essentially hold rule. Dailykos, Moveon.org, Code Pink, they all now run this once great and free thinking party.

Using whatever tools at their disposal; whether verbal rusty blade or cheap shot shatter gun. Democrats’ thirst for the White House will unseat their mission. The oldest and most proven example of a man destroyed by his own ambition is a man who seeks to liberate the world with blood and bombs. Diverting to those tactics when his own people fail to get the message. When the message of the Democrats fail stagnant or pick sup little traction they will drop bombs and swing the blade.

But I know how to separate the animals of the internet and the partisan loyalists on the west coast and in New York, from the reasonable Americans who thank god, have better things to do than engage in ultra arrogant debates and resort to baseless rumor and tasteless political comedy.

I thank god for the working people who actually know what it is to form an individual and balanced opinion instead of following the words of bias pantomime.

The people deciding this election, thank heavens are stable people. For if we left this election in the hands of the ideologues and the shouters then well, we’d lose more than just an election. We’d lose our dignity.

I take pride in the fact the real voices in America are taking back the power that gave weak men in the blog sites ans television screens power. Taking back a role that long has been tainted by the likes of Kos kids and Neo-Conservative dribble merchants.

To the people of small town American who actually get it; thank you for being independent and clear thinking.

To Democrats who put power over dignity and arrogance over intelligence well, there’s always 2012.

Bare the word of the elder in mind: “Many kings have died from choking on the fruits of power.

What drives them to taste furiously on that power is the longing for that fruit to grow.