Sarah Palin Scares Democrats

I find it funny, all of the sudden Democratic women who fell in line say women didn’t support Hillary because she was a woman. It’s funny how snarly and smug female Democrats who galloped along side the apple cart post-DNC want to turn their lasers on Palin. Call her a gimmick, bimbo, whatever you like. I pray the Democrats pile on Palin and well, either suffer her fire and toughness or face yet another backlash from women who are taking a second look at McCain. Women who will and have said they now feel they can vote for McCain for putting a woman on his ticket.

Gimmick? No. If anything this is McCain saying to the Democrats, “You call yourself the party of inclusion yet your own ambitious hunger for power due to an 8 year drought in the White House caused you to simply tell women and your most qualified candidate to step aside.” Deep down Sarah Palin scares Democrats. What’s the best way to dis spell fear? To discredit that fear over and over again. Sarah Palin makes the “out of touch” ploy out of reach for Democrats.

A mother of five, hockey mom from small town Alaska who sold the state jet on Ebay. She also fired the Governor’s mansion house keeping staff. Compare that to a Hyde Park Harvard Law Professor and a Washington creature of over 30 years with a plagiarism kick and a big mouth. Democrats know what John McCain knew. Sarah Palin will eat away at the blue collar voters and suburban women vote. You can always tell nervousness when someone talks too much. Right now, with Palin as the topic Democrats are talking too much.

They are left with one option that will surely bury their chances. To bash Palin as a bimbo or a gimmick. To act so condescending toward her in hopes voters realize she can’t be trusted. They can’t call her more of the same or Palin-Bush, or a third term of Bush. Why do you think they never mentioned her in their new ad. They only tied Bush to McCain. McCain’s choice of Palin doesn’t contradict his message. It does however allow McCain to cut into Obama’s “change” mantle. Palin isn’t a Washington insider nor is she an extension of George Bush.

She delivers the following:

**Blue Collar voters. I contest any Democrat who thinks Sarah Palin is this well to do out of touch politician.

Suburban Woman

Soft Republicans and Independents

Energy Expertise as Governor of one of the largest oil producing states in the country

Economic and Executive experience. She’s the only candidate in the race with executive chops. Contest me on that if you want; I welcome the debate.**