NBC Split On Who They'll Fawn Over: Obama or Palin

Ever since NBC broke the news that John McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin there’s been this sort of split in the media. Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, David Gregory, Pat Buchanan, Larry Kudlow, and Maria Bartiromo all like Palin. Andrea Mitchell talked about how colorful and cool she was because she ate moose burgers and moose stew. Her personal story touched the hearts of the media as well. David Gregory this morning on Meet the Press was all smiles when talking about Palin and her personality, her story. Yet some in the media aren’t so easily charmed; at least, well, they’re sticking by their man. Not to let this young, obviously attractive and bubbly young woman come in here and steal the spotlight from their man Barack, Tom Brokaw lead the pack of skeptical somewhat envious media heads that questioned Palin every chance they got. In an interview with Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Brokaw raised baseless, somewhat childish questions about Palin believing in Intelligent Design and how that would potentially back fire for her in this election.

It seems the MSM is fighting each other on which candidate they’ll fawn over the most. Sarah Palin adds an intriguing mix to the media’s suspicious coverage of this race. So what do you think? Have you noticed the media’s sudden fawning over Sarah Palin? Will They brush the Obama family aside for the Palin family?Democrats on the other hand are nervous. You can tell this because they immediately tried to downplay Palin as this gimmick. Of all people the very much irrelevant Senator from Missouri Claire McCaskill called Palin a “politician in the pocket of big oil”. Well, so much that opportunist who by the way got elected solely because of Hillary and Bill Clinton gave her that Senate seat knows. Sarah Palin not only took on big oil in Alaska but she raised taxes on big oil and passed that money along to the people of Alaska to pay for gas and other things. So Claire McCaskill knows nothing and she’s basically a nobody.

Republicans didn’t make a peep when Obama picked Joe Biden. You know why? They knew it was a bad pick. See you know something bothers or scares someone when they react to it. They know blue collar, female, and conservative Democrats are on the line they no longer can use this “out of touch” message with Sarah Palin on the ticket. This hockey mom, mother of five, fisherman, hunter, whose husband is a union member.