Democrats Please Read Warning Sign Ahead, Remember The Primary

John McCain’s choice for Vice President in my opinion is a good one. It trumps Obama’s “change” element and it also invites some unusual yet worthy praise of a party long labeled as the “Rich old white men club” But this time it’s different. The maverick tapped a woman to stand with him as he sets his sights on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And as feisty as McCain is known and beloved for; Palin in her own right comes off as a feisty, strong, independent woman who won’t stand for those hidden message games nor will she take any gruff from Democrats who will ultimately trip themselves up with what they did to Hillary in the primary against Adlai Stevenson.

The Democrats, despite my warning to my former party will use sexist or maybe borderline sexist comments and ads regarding Sarah Palin. Any criticism will be perceived as an “airhead” label or a “bimbo” tag. That’s how it goes when females run for office. Yet the boys club in both parties, this time it’s the Democratic party, will learn the hard way even though this can be avoided. Why? Because they can’t help themselves.

Any mention of Gov. Palin’s Miss Alaska days will backfire. They’ll be taken as misogynistic. Just as the media once said of Hillary, “She’s like your first wife” or, “She’s a nutcracker, I want to cross my legs when I see her on television” That won’t fly here. Women in both parties will put a stop to any perceived sexism that will most likely take place; but not right off the bat. Not the obvious forms anyway. Expect a lot of code, but also a lot of “sexism” card playing too.And to the liberals who “welcomed” and “prayed” for this pick. No no, this isn’t like the Joe Biden pick or the John Edwards pick in 2004. Both of whom get you nothing. The Sarah Palin choice brings woman, the question is how many? She also adds an element of again, change and a statement that the GOP has finally embraced their younger, new kids on the block that offer a sense of renewal and diversity. The comments I’ve read on Dailykos and other left wing sites. They were saying they’re glad he picked Palin because she was empty, inexperienced and brings nothing to the ticket. Well they just described Obama/Biden. I see those comments as a front that hides nervousness and intimidation. The were expecting the usual suspect; a Romney or Pwalenty. They got something they didn’t see coming.

McCain just saved his candidacy by going outside the box. Had he chosen the generic Ward Cleaver types(Romney, Pwalenty, and yes sadly, John Thune)this race would have been over before the first debate. And despite what Chuck Todd says, and we all love Chuck Todd because he’s the only real objective and intelligent analyst at NBC, this isn’t a Dan Quayle or *Spiro Agnew *type pick. “This is a welcome to the new Republican party pick”

Warning to the Democrats: Do not underestimate this ticket. It may well have a greater impact than Obama/Biden. That’s why the Dem ticket should have been Obama/Clinton.

I think Adlai and his campaign staff are probably kicking themselves right about now.