As A Proud Soldier In The Clinton Revolution

I want to say first off I’m a proud and loyal supporter of Bill Clinton. I was young, but I remember the 1990s and how productive this country was during his presidency. I consider myself a soldier in the Clinton Revolution. I also believe Bill Clinton was one of greatest president we had in the last say, 25 years. But even my admiration for the “Big Dog” couldn’t move me enough to support Barack Obama. See it’s quite simple, Obama is left wing and I’m not. I come from and still consider myself part of the era of the “Clinton Moderates”

You see it was Bill Clinton who said the era of big government is over. It was Bill Clinton, along with a Republican Congress who brought Welfare reform, prosperity without expanding the reaches of government. Although his true centrist colors angered the more leftist, big government types in his party, even to this day, Bill Clinton without a doubt revolutionized what it meant to be a Democrat. By not acting like a Democrat. My memories of the Clinton Administration, and yes the Republican Congress “keeping him in line” although, I don’t think Bill Clinton was as bad as Republicans said he was to the point he needed to be kept in line by the Republicans in Congress. In fact I noticed how many of the Republicans who served in the Congress during the Clinton administration say try to steal Bill’s thunder by saying they were the reason his presidency was such a success. They refuse to give him the credit he deserves. Bill wasn’t some flaming big government, New Deal liberal like Walter Mondale; he was different. So what was the problem?Bill’s speech last night was great, but he can’t get me to vote for someone who he tried to draw similarities between himself and Obama but the differences are quite large. Obama never had the executive experience Bill Clinton had as Gov. of Arkansas. Bill Clinton wasn’t nearly as liberal as Obama apparently is. And Bill Clinton never proposed government solutions and programs for an ailing country. Barack Obama still reminds me of Jimmy Carter, I don’t care how many people advocate for him at the convention. I’m sorry but I’m smarter than that.

One little side track here, I consider Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton the greatest presidents in the last 20-30 years. Now, I don’t know if they hold much higher on an all time list, certainly I would put Eisenhower and Coolidge above them; above Clinton at least.