Just One Last Shot At Biden and the Text Message Gimmick Err..Idea

Okay folks, get your phones ready, make sure they’re all charged up, keep your eye on the little screen there, wait for it, is your blood rushing? Hearts going thump, thump? Excitement levels hitting the roof?!! Get ready, get set, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeres…..Joe Biden?

Yay….yeah…uh okay. So it’s not what Democrats wanted or who Barack Obama wanted to choose as his VP. He wanted Tim Kaine or Evan Bayhe and this choice was like, it was like going to the store with your mother okay, and she’s like, “You need a coat with a hood to protect your head and ears from the cold wind” But you want the sports jacket really, really bad because it looks so much cooler than the gray hooded coat your mom picked out for you. But you give in and go with the hooded coat because despite the sports jacket looking so much more stylish and “hip” you need that hooded coat after all, because it keeps you warm and is much more durable in harsh weather. But man that sports jacket I tell ya.

Joe Biden is without a doubt the hooded coat. The hooded coat with the huge hood, the mitten clips on the sleeves, and the generic maroon and blue stripes. Not to mention the style of the coat; semi-trench coat look. We all remember those coats we absolutely hated to wear but had to for our own good and because well, mom said so and dad would back her up on it. Or was that just me?

Obama wanted to sport the jacket. The nice, fresh, new leather sports jacket with the crisp texture and made from 100% cow. California cow as a matter of fact. He would stand in front of his mirror and visualize standing with the new jacket on and everyone “oooing and ahhing”

Why Obama went with Biden well, like mom suggests to her son about coats, he needed Biden. But I mean, he wasted some minutes with the whole text message idea…..probably should have kept that one inside the prep room; it wasn’t as good an idea or a “wow” moment like the Obama camp expected. Just a thought.So this creates an opportunity with McCain. Obama is walking to school so to speak with this ugly hooded coat and a smile on his face that hides his more morose feelings deep down about having to dawn such a grotesque piece of attire. Clinton supporters are like the girls Obama tries to impress but the coat turns them off completely. They’re almost blinded by its ugliness and thus look more and more at McCain, the maverick who was able to buy that leather sports jacket Obama wanted. When McCain shows up with his jacket on it illuminates his character, his appearance. All the girls swoon and faint over his coolness. McCain walks past Obama with two girls in each arm and five more following behind him. Obama hangs his head and in true Charlie Brown like fashion he utters: “Good grief”

So in the end McCain may prove to have the upper hand, in a race that still casts him as the underdog with no real shot in hell. But his Vice presidential pick may indeed put Democrats in a corner. I believe Democrats are more nervous about who John McCain picks than the GOP were about Obama’s pick. If McCain chooses someone with undeniable “wow” appeal like a Bobby Jindal(Yes, I have beaten this horse to death) or Eric Cantor, or maybe former Maryland LT. Governor Michael Steele. Something that would shake it up and cast all eyes on John McCain and the GOP.

And again, Hillary is still out there. She got screwed what? twice now by Obama and the Democratic party? She would be a good fit for McCain. She brings women, Latinos, blue collar voters, and economic prowess. Plus she’s someone who can step in and assume the mantle of president because she breaks through the commander in chief threshold.