Class Warfare

That’s all I hear from Democrats, “Out of touch”, “Only for the rich” Early this morning on Face The Nation Governors Kathleen Sebelius(D-KS) and Ed Rendell(D-PA), along with Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr(D-IL). talked about John McCain and his many houses “problem” They said that showed John McCain to be out of touch with the American people. What really annoyed me was not the fact they were bashing McCain and demonizing him for his success and his wife’s success, but they were like, “And we’re not begrudging him for his success” Right before they begrudged him for his success of course. What’s with this class warfare tactic Democrats and liberals use for political gain?

They want to talk about out of touch? Okay, how about their candidate. The one whose wife is good friends with Oprah. Their candidate who is good friends with George Clooney, not to mention having been endorsed by major Hollywood elites and A-list celebrities. Their candidate, who in Iowa during the Democratic primary talked about how tough it is these days because he can’t buy arugula when he shops at Whole Foods. I mean, because the economy is in the dump when you can’t get your arugula and wheat grass shake at Whole Foods. Darn it all!

It’s Barack Obama who bought a million dollar home in Hyde Park, an upper middle class suburb in Chicago. It’s Barack Obama who went off spouting from the mouth to his big time donors in San Francisco about small town Americans clinging to their bibles and their guns, holding antipathy for those who aren’t like them. You mean, people like you Senator Obama? Or the thousands of other elites who reside in the Democratic party. The George Soros crowd? Or the David Geffen wing?My point is this, it doesn’t matter how much money you make. Truth is most Americans don’t care nor do they hold it against you for making an honest buck and being successful. This class warfare stuff is old and useless in American politics. You have one side of Liberal elites taking on Conservative elites. That doesn’t make any sense. They’re both elitists. And look at FDR for example. I’m sure if asked he couldn’t tell you how much money his family made or has, nor could he tell you how many luxury items he owned and how much they’re worth. Who cares, I know I don’t and I know the reasonable, moderate Republicans, Independents, Democrats who make up the silent majority in America don’t care either. Only the loud minority of Hollywood Liberals, Democratic party elites, Republicans bigwigs, and their country club Conservative pals care about this “He’s an elitist out of touch” back and forth game of freeze tag.

Instead of demonizing the rich and telling the middle class the government will give them everything they need to make their lives much more plentiful, Democrats should instead deliver a message of self reliance and economic risk and reward to the middle class they care oh so much for. And another thing, Kathleen Sebelius, Ed Rendell, Jesse Jackson Jr. all live in nice suburban neighborhoods, shop at high priced grocery stores, drive nice vehicles, can afford gas at $4.00 a gallon, and live in nice big homes. And you know what? It’s no one’s business but theirs. That’s how it should be, and that’s how our founding fathers intended it to be when they created something called the Constitution. You know? that document that sets in stone the freedoms and rights of all men and women.

Cindy McCain’s credit card limits and John McCain’s homes are no one’s business either. The day we stop using class as a weapon that pits American against American is the day we instill the power back to the people to become prosperous and successful on their own terms. With the government feeling sorry for you in the only condescending way government knows how to feel sorry.