Obama/Biden Ticket: Like Christmas for GOP

So Barack Obama finally unveiled his VP choice earlier today in Springfield. It was…wait for it, wait for it…..surprise! Senator and former 0-2 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden of Delaware. Joe Biden? That’s the big news? Joe Biden? The guy who said Obama wasn’t ready to be president? The guy who said:“The presidency doesn’t have on the job training” when he talked about Barack Obama’s chances during the Democratic primary; that Joe Biden? This ticket is an early Christmas gift for the GOP. I mean Jim Talent said it best when he said Joe Biden is an affirmation of the Obama campaign and their lack of experience in foreign policy. And does anyone remember when Obama said he had more experience in foreign affairs than John McCain and Hillary Clinton combined? So why choose Biden if that’s the case Senator? Why choose Joe Biden if you said: “If John McCain and George Bush want to have a debate on Foreign Policy that’s a debate I’m happy to have, anytime, anywhere, any place” Or maybe you meant, Joe Biden will debate them on your behalf.

This ticket washes away Obama’s message of change. Joe Biden is not only a creature of Washington, he was there when the Capital was built. He probably help draw the blue prints matter of fact. He’s a loose cannon with an ego as big as his mouth. He brings nothing but sound bites. And Democrats were worried about Bill Clinton veering off message? Wait until Joe Biden lets loose.

John McCain received a gift from the political gods and his choice for vice president will offset Obama’s choice. I suggest he choose either Bobby Jindal, Eric Cantor, or John Thune. But if he wants to pit someone tough and reserved against a loud mouth like Biden, Tom Ridge is his best option.I also read about the reactions from Hillary supporters and they are pissed. They would have been more furious had Obama tapped Kathleen Sebelius as his VP but they’re angry nonetheless. So McCain might want to capitalize with a female VP; maybe Sarah Palin, Linda Lingle, Kay Baily Hutchinson, or maybe Hillary Clinton. After all she and John McCain know each other personally and both have said they consider one another a friend.

All in all Obama obviously got cold feet when it comes to foreign affairs and he couldn’t walk the walk. So he chose someone he probably didn’t want to pick. Had Russia not invaded Georgia we’d probably be looking at Tim Kaine or Evan Bayhe in Springfield with Obama instead of Joe Biden.