The Path Of The Warrior

I’ve heard many Conservatives hail and holler in objection over John McCain’s nomination as the Republican candidate for President Of the United States. I’ve heard, “we’ll never vote for him”, “he’s a liberal Republican”, “he’s not one of us” But to those early on who rejected McCain I offer you something far worse. I offer American Liberalism the likes in which we’ve never seen before. The media says Democrats are more energized about this election than any other. The Bush years gave liberals a reason to organize and mobilize in droves, to push an agenda into the political mainstream once and for all. So I rely this message to all those Republicans considering the option of a “do over” in 2012. My friends that option may not be. The time is now, just as Democrats declare it so; Republicans should do the same. Faced with the prospect of a Democratic majority in Congress, a Democrat in the White House, and a larger Democratic affiliation among American registered voters; I for one cannot allow such dire events to transpire.

Why sit back and watch what’s wrong with America take hold of government power only to increase government control over citizens. A new dawn awaits the future in which freedom and individual rights of man cannot see past the vast shades of darkness. With wars in Europe and the Middle East, Barack Obama bestowed upon the world a promise that the United States will reshape herself in Europe’s image and bow at the alter of the UN and the European Union. He will diminish our ability to stand alone as the oldest and most promising free nation god has ever granted man. By his own admission Barack Obama seeks to divide America’s power amongst the world. In order to simmer global criticism of America, he’s willing to forfeit American sovereignty and American values. That my friends cannot stand.

What’s at stake in this election is the future of the United States as we know it. All that we’ve worked for, all the blood shed, tear drops, and all that our founding fathers created will soon wither in the fall breeze. Come November I for one will do all I can to make sure John McCain takes the oath of office. As a citizen of a Democracy I owe to those who drew the path to do so. After all, the inalienable rights given to me and to all Americans allow us to voice our opinions as well as our gratitude. We can reshape this election, not campaign staffs, political endorsements, or words of poetic narcissism and celebrity.Only the people, who make this country great, who hold the fabric of this great Republic can turn the tide, ultimately taking our country back. Taking it back from Government interventionism, from Liberalism, from fascism, and socialism. These months ahead will determine how America survives for decades and decades to come. So I encourage all free people, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and soft Democrats to seek something better and not something convenient. Barack Obama offers you convenience wrapped in government run programs and false senses of security by way of socialism and collectivist ideals. Barack Obama talks about an America where immigrants are no longer shunned, discrimination against people who don’t look like us or talk like us is no longer an issue. I wonder this about Mr. Obama, does he not realize whilst in the midst of his own megalomania he is an example of what America has been to millions upon millions of immigrants and people of different races seeking to rest their tired bodies, and renew their broken spirits. An America who elected Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Lydon Johnson; all of whom were freedom fighters in the battle for equality among African Americans and white Americans. Where does he find the gall to conjure such a false image of America? So bold as to please Europeans at America’s expense. I do not seek a president who will put my best interests behind those in a far away land, who do not vote. If he wants so badly the approval of Europe and the world, then by all means, run for president of the world, and leave the United States to men who carry leadership and integrity.