Reshaping the Clay

My new party. I never thought I would call myself a Republican and actually be proud. I was a believer. A follower of the old Democratic doctrine. I believed the hype; it consumed me no less. But now, as I grow in age my views have grown. From flaming liberal with no base for my outbursts and objections, to clear thinking libertarian moderate with a sense of reason. The old leftists that I used to call friends, I debated them and I’ve won many of those debates. My views shifted, many would call me a flip flopper; I am.

I flipped on abortion, gay marriage, health care, illegal immigration, you name it, I flipped on it. Heck just two years ago I was one of the biggest pro-amnesty liberals you would ever meet in your life. But that was then and this is now. Some of my liberal friends wish me to come back, but I cannot. I find liberalism to be like any other unjust group or cause. I still value my friends and I love them but I could never go back to being a liberal. I believe all people grow out of liberalism. It’s like when you’re a teenager and you begin to grow out of the different phases when you get into your colleges years and then your adulthood. Still, life can be challenging as a reformed Republican. Even though I’m nowhere near the right, I am a moderate and liberals don’t welcome people like me with open arms. Every position I hold, I’ve been shot down from both sides. I’m Pro-Life so I get criticism from the left, I’m against the Iraq war so I get hammered by the right. But one thing that I think helps me bridge the gap between liberals and conservatives is my Libertarian views.

I tell liberals right off the bat, I’m against Universal health care, abortion, gay marriage amendments, gun control, and amnesty. I tell conservatives I’m against the war in Iraq, I want Gitmo *shut down, and I’m against conservatives holding rank on the Supreme Court. They all take turns biting my head off and calling me squish but that comes with the territory.Fact is, I’ve seen the light. I walked away from the left and settled in the middle; with one arm pointing to the right of me. I’m voting for McCain, I have a *Remington 870 Express; but that doesn’t make me a Neo-Con. And my opposition to torture and the war in Iraq doesn’t make me a flaming liberal either. I’m just an American. Not in the fight over right versus left, I’m in the fight to save America from terrorism, socialism, limited rights, and government intervention. Do what you will with your ego maniacal “culture” war. I’ll continue to educate the people.