McCain Flips The Script

In recent polls John McCain has flipped Barack Obama’s lead and now leads by 6 points, 46%-41%. In another poll John McCain leads when it comes to the economy with more Americans trusting him over Barack Obama.

McCain is proving to be the right Republican for the right time. A time in which Republicans are like the bubonic plague. Why to say the word Republican could get you tarred and feathered. Yet McCain continues to defy the laws of gravity. I mean he’s up against the biggest, larger than life celebrity of the Democratic party. Barack Obama should be wiping the floor with McCain and leaving the rest for stray dogs to pick at. But McCain comes out like a hungry Micky Ward, whose opponent, Arturo Gatti is far more superior. McCain plays the role well. Finally Americans are starting to reject the bias, baseless attacks and opinions of McCain, and instead seeing for themselves. I predicted this to be. Obama’s light would fade and fade and fade and McCain would calmly take advantage of Obama’s free fall.

Wait until you hear about this on MSNBC. Chris Matthews will frantically try to find the reason for Obama’s descent in the polls. Will he blame it on undercover racism? Probably.

So What Do You Think?

Is McCain finally gaining ground on Obama? Will It Hold?