Sore Loser Thy Name Is Obama Camp, NBC

So the Obama camp’s level of arrogance just went up a notch this week. They accused John McCain of possibly knowing the questions and listening in on Barack Obama’s time with Rick Warren during Saturday’s Saddleback forum. It’s so beyond the comprehension of the Obama campaign that their candidate lost a battle of conversation to a 72 year old man.

Rick Davis, of the McCain camp accused Andrea Mitchell of repeating Obama campaign talking points went she ran with the underlining accusation about McCain not being in the building when Obama was on stage, he was in his motorcade. The McCain map says that McCain did have a monitor in the motorcade but it wasn’t connected to anything.

I believe these baseless accusations stem from frustration. Frustration that their candidate wasn’t on his game, frustration because they underestimated John McCain and his ability to perform well in debate settings, and frustration from Obama’s inability to surprise, appeal to a wider range of voters such as the Evangelicals that made up the crowd on Saturday. Both candidate received standing ovations from the audience but it was clear Obama’s charm fell flat while McCain’s personal stories and direct responses played well. This is a temper tantrum over spilled milk. The Obama campaign’s arrogance is so disgusting and absurd, they have to find ways to explain why Obama can’t make inroads with many voting blocks. Maybe it’s just not possible for him to win a significant amount of Evangelical voters. I mean I don’t see him winning 30-35% like Bill Clinton.I agree with David Gergen when he said the debate on Saturday shows John McCain won’t be the “pushover” or the “walk in the park” Democrats had been boasting for over three months. The debate showed a direct and prepared McCain. The McCain that has the ability to pull an upset. And that upset the Obama camp. I just wish they would prepare their lightweight for future debates instead of crying about it. That shows lack of integrity.

It’s no surprise NBC and their retarded child cable network MSNBC were all over this ridiculous claim of McCain knowing the questions before hand or “spying” on Obama. This lends with much credibility proof that NBC is much in the tank for Barack Obama. Their staff, “reporters”, “analysts”, although, the only ones who have an inkling of objectivity and report the news with some balance are* Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchanan, and Dan Abrams*. Other than that the level of bias is enough to put down an elephant if it were a tranquilizer. Keith Olberman and his lapdog Rachel Maddow are up the butt of Barack Obama and the left it borders on sad. No wait, it is sad. What do you get when a group of so called “journalists” are willing to put career and reputation on the line in the name of agenda or a certain candidate? You get 48% of Americans saying they’re hearing too much about Barack Obama. Look for the Pro-Obama media agenda to backfire. Starting, now.

One side note, take a look at this video:Pat Buchanan Calls It Like He Sees It