George Washington Was Right

My hero George Washington warned in his farewell address that we shouldn’t get involved in European affairs nor should we entangle ourselves in alliances with other nations.

We’ve come along way since the great George Washington and in that time we’ve seen events around the world that constantly shape and mold our foreign policy. From the blunders of president Carter with Iran, to the historic Cold War and Ronald Reagan’s speech in Germany demanding: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”

It seems we’ve hit a standstill in the area of foreign policy. If you talk to Liberals and Democrats they feel our “standing” in the world has been tarnished by the war in Iraq, Gitmo, and how we deal with terrorists and prisoners of war. If you talk to Conservatives and Republicans they would tell you we have to defeat evil wherever it is. They say we should stay the course in Iraq until victory is met. I was against the war in the beginning and I still am. I felt that a war with Saddam Hussein was not necessary; at least not as important as shutting down the Taliban and destroying Al-Qeada. And I agree with Barack Obama on the fact that Al-Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq until we invaded the country.

We should have stayed the course in Afghanistan because we were winning on that front. Iraq took a lot of lives and a lot of money. That could have been avoided had we not found excuses to go after Saddam. I’m not saying Saddam didn’t need to be confronted because he did. He was a monster and a tyrant, no doubt; but he was not responsible for 9-11. The man who masterminded that plan is still at large.

We need a different approach to foreign affairs. Let’s neglect the saber rattle strategy that Republicans are now famous, or infamous for using. But we cannot resort to appeasement either. Democrats believe the way to settle foreign matters is to approach the situation with diplomacy first. They seek to grant immunity for dictators and aggressors. For example with the Russia/Georgia conflict they said both sides are to blame.

Correct me if I’m wrong but how are both sides to blame when the Russians not only invaded Georgia but they used a disproportionate amount of force; bombing Gori, and burning neighborhoods.

Matters in which we should use Military force as our primary option:

1. Terrorism(Afghanistan)
2.Coming to the Defense of an invaded ally(Georgia, Israel, Columbia)

The way to punish Russia is not through the UN *as Barack Obama and his team of light weight Democrats such as Gov. *Tim Kane(D-VA) and Gov. Bill Richardson(D-NV) suggests. Maybe they do not realize the Russians are a life long member of the *UN Security Council. Any proposal that seems to go against their agenda and punish them for their actions they will obviously veto the measure. So we cannot do this through the *United Nations. In my opinion the* UN* is pretty much obsolete. I think we should leave the UN but that’s a matter for another day.


Military Options:**

We reduce troop levels in Iraq and we direct our Military focus on the FARC in Latin America, the reemerging Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, and we send a Humanitarian AID Force to Georgia. I’d say about, 150 troops, set up an increased naval presence in the Caspian Sea. That would send the message to Russia that we will not sit bye and watch them bully Georgia.

*1.Humanitarian AID Force(150-200 Troops)
2.Increased Naval Presence in the Caspian Sea
3.Reduce Troops in Iraq and direct focus on Latin America and Afghanistan

Economic Options:

Then what we should do is what we did in the 80s. We defeated the Soviet Union with economic means and our new age ideas. Russia is by far one of the most primitive “super powers” in the world. As George Will said on This Week, all they have to offer the rest of the world is vodka. Their population is decreasing every year, they have no concrete economic structure; and they, like many other redeveloping nations in the old world rely on a 19th century source of economic and energy growth. That source is oil. If you take a look at the rising nations in the world, Iran, China, Venezuela, India, Russia, what do they all share in common? They all rely heavily on oil for economic foundation and leverage in the world to influence smaller less developed nations. Without oil their structures would crack and crumble. They lack understanding and the technology to develop alternative energy sources.

America has the minds, the money, and the technological advances to develop any type of alternative fuel and energy we want. We could reestablish our influence in the world by becoming the first nation to introduce and transition to alternate energy. Whether it’s solar, wind, hydrogen power, natural gas, nuclear, we hold in our hands the means to do so. Those other nations I named do not. They will not for a long time. If a super power like the United States is about 5 to 7 years away from developing a consistent source of alternate energy then imagine how long it would take a semi-developed nation like Iran or Russia to do so.

When you keep your economic foundation diverse you hold an advantage over countries that dislike you. In the end the name of the game is money. These countries understand they’ll never over take the United States on Military might, so they’re trying to develop their economies. And they’re using oil to do so, they’re also using oil as a weapon against the west.

Our Greatest Weapon:

America will always win out over other powerful nations because we’re the only nation on earth that guarantees absolute freedom. We’re the only country on earth where people from all walks of life come in the millions for a shot at the American dream. That dream, contrary to what they media and the left may say is still alive and well. If not, then the number of immigrants coming to America would decline. The day people start believing that freedom isn’t enough then my friends that is the day America will cease to be the greatest nation god has ever given mankind.

Our ideas, our freedom, our legacy will trump any Authoritarian government, any Dictatorship or empire. It’s our people and our way of life that will defeat Islamic terrorism and communism; Marxism. Not our missiles or appeasement.