McCain Shines, Obama Well..............

Leading up to this wonderful and gracious forum with Pastor Rick Warren the Pro-Obama media at MSNBC and NBC were like degenerate gamblers placing bets on two cockroaches racing up a wall in a bar somewhere in Queens.

You know, they were saying, “Obama looks to shine with this more open younger evangelical crowd” or, “How many of them do you think Obama will gain?” “Obama will do better because he’s more comfortable in his own skin when it comes to his faith” Wrong!

John McCain stole the show. He was witty, stern, sincere, and his stories in relation to his faith touched both viewers in attendance and I’m sure those watching from home. McCain showed well, I would say he presented a side rarely seen by Americans, but he also combined that softer side with his usual tough straight talking persona. When he said: “My friends if I have to follow him to the gates of hell I will get Osama Bin Ladin” A statement that screams “warmonger” or, “hawkish” played well with the crowd. McCain’s positive traits shined bright. On the other hand Obama looked a bit uncomfortable. I’ve noticed without the big rally setting, and the comfort of a teleprompter, Obama often skids on answers. Many times he looked down when answering questions, he stuttered a bit. When it came to abortion, taxes, and evil he found himself dancing around as if he was trying to justify his half answers. He used generalities.

Well like the ABC debate during the primary many leftist bloggers stormed the CNN comment section and were very annoyed by the fact that, there was even an event held at a church, for Evangelical voters. They even took their annoyance so far as to say McCain knew the questions before hand. They claimed it was fixed so McCain would look better than Obama.

But I think the real question is, do you ever stop and think, maybe McCain is better than Obama? On the issues, and in the stripped down pure debate or forum setting. See for too long the media judges the two candidates based on who can work the teleprompter the best and move a crowd of thousands at a sports arena. But tonight McCain showed the often “can’t get right” media that a candidate shouldn’t be judged on such frivolous criteria.substantial, his abortion stance was right on point and direct, while Obama fluttered. McCain’s answer to the question: “Define the word “rich”” was not only witty but it was a real jab at the Democratic party and those who live to persecute the rich and successful.