With Freedom As Our Greatest Weapon

“With liberty and justice for all” Means something right? How about this one, *”We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” *

Words don’t move me, but those did. I find great truth and strength in words that hold true to what it is I believe in. I believe in the American people. But is that enough in America today? With a looming culture war on the horizon one would think not; heck many people would urge me to choose a side. I have, and I choose the side of freedom. Well freedom, anyone would say of course you would. But it isn’t enough to be free. We’re free now right? But still we find our government increasing its role in our lives, our politicians banding together with such minds that look to dictate what is right for us based on how they live. Whether it’s the nation wide Anti-smoking campaign headed up by Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates, or the “Green Movement”. Noble “causes” in America are often overdone. That will cost us dearly I’m afraid if we do not reclaim what it means to have the ability to decide on our own about how we live our lives; what it means to be well, free. Or perhaps it’s that sense of freedom that compels our government to intervene in our lives. Maybe they feel, free men and women don’t deserve to fail, or to feel pain; because if this is America then every man and woman should have an equal share of luxury and triumph. But such is the very definition of America when a man is allowed to fail not by the decision of his government, but by his own admission. You see men fail so they can grow. We fall, we struggle financially and then we reap the rewards of that struggle through our hard work and determination.

What riches are worth a governing body controlling your life? What you eat, what you put in your car, what car you drive. And who says a man cannot live his life just as honest and with just as much integrity if he’s a CEO than the man who drives trucks for a living? Democrats feel that way, leftists feel that way. They say it’s unjust for a hard working man to fail while another prospers. No, it’s simply American for that man to fail now and prosper later. The time in which he prospers doesn’t matter.

Guys, if American values were built on fairness and not on pure god given rights of a human being then we would all be experiments of the government. Their good intentions would hold us hostage. Fairness gives you the dependency that will eventually get you no where; but freedom gives you the foundation to overcome that which may be unfair. To rise above the challenges of unjust and unfair circumstances. Only you decide what is unfair for yourself and move forward to combat that unfairness. Not the government, not a political party, and not a group of ideologues.

I contest, on any given day those who believe fairness is right. I contest those who believe in freedom by way of fairness. A liberal once said I had a cold heart for holding these views, but I feel that I’m in line with how most Americans think. Fairness guarantees you not one lesson in life; freedom guarantees you have the ability to live a good life. My message to the youth of America is to reject the false comforts put forth from the mouths of politicians. Nothing is more inconsistent and lacking in sincerity. They create stagnant policy, perhaps the end result of good intention. The don’t realize the effect of that intention gone wrong most of the time until the people toss them out of office. Only then do they realize they’re not the sole controller of prosperity and wellness.

I often hear college students and young people in general say that this is America, people deserve fairness. Well, that’s not true; because life isn’t fair. People deserve freedom and individual responsibility. What have we been fighting for in Nazi Germany? Why did our great presidents JFK and Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush work so hard to do away with the shadows of the Soviet Empire? Why did we fight the Civil War, long long ago when the country saw itself split down the middle. And in that same Civil War, what was so vital it would put brother against brother? Why did our founding fathers assemble in Philadelphia in 1787 and create a document so sacred to the foundation of this country?

All of the above were done in the name of freedom. Every man, woman, and child deserves freedom. Not fairness, or dependency, they don’t amount to freedom; just ask those in Venezuela and Cuba, whose governments controlled industry and turned fairness into absolute iron rule; at one time cloaked in nationalism.

If we do not remember that we are a free people before anything else, then we will lose out to socialism, communism, and all the dictators, tyrants and ideologues will have been proven correct when they set forth their agendas on their nation’s people. For nothing will the wars have been won. For nothing our soldiers would have died. Our constitution would have been created in vain.