Not Our Enemies But Our Own Label Us As Cowards and Killers

NBC(what a surprise right?) led the charge of different media takes on the current Russia/Georgia conflict. On CNN Anderson Cooper reported the news with a graphic in the background that read: “Impotent America?”

Retired Army Col. Jack Jacobs wrote an article calling us, “All Hat and No Cattle” Why the usual suspects over at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann all but placed blame on the United States and Georgia for this conflict; oh I’m sorry, this “shared act of violence” as Barack Obama put it.

So it seems the media takes light in Russia flexing their muscle and the United States lacking the ability to do anything substantial and firm right now. Perhaps it’s a “What goes around, comes around” sort of lesson because of the Iraq war. But whatever the case may be the leftist media and their influential talking heads are pleased. They take great joy in Russia “sticking it” to the United States via invasion of a democratic US ally.

It was never so clear as it is now. The left in this country want to see us fail. They want America to no longer be the lone super power in the world. Their ills over Iraq and their hatred for Bush compels them to wish harm and embarrassment for this country and her people. They excuse the acts of dictators because they believe we started it.

We started 9/11, World War II, according to Jeremiah X, we bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima for no other reason than a thirst for power and blood. Why, we didn’t free millions of Jewish people from the clutches of a dark and sinister ruler, we were the ones that put them in those gas chambers and concentration camps. Who cares if Saddam Hussein gassed little children and tested chemical and biological weapons on his own people. I’m sure he had a perfectly good reason why he did that.

And you know that little chubby Hispanic guy down their in Venezuela? Golly, he sure is keen huh. He controls the industry and bleeds his people financially. But hey, Bush started it. plus Danny Glover knows him. I mean come on, Murtaugh for Pete’s sake.

But I would rely this message to the so called, “honest media” Bare the reaction of your target audience in mind. When I say target audience I mean those who do not watch you on a daily basis nor believe every single twisted and corroded lie and bias opinion that slithers from your mouths. Those who are of sound mind and are capable of thinking independently will reject your one sided arguments and non-news. You will be undone by your own agenda, just watch.

And when we elected John McCain in the fall, and he sly that ferocious bear that lay sleeping in Moscow, you’ll all know just how wrong and corrupt you are. Although, maybe Barack Obama as president appeasing Putin, giving him all the former Soviet states so the “bad, bad meanie could leave us alone” And America’s standing takes a nose dive into the pathetic level; then maybe you’ll wise us and do the right thing next time.

But then again, I regress. America and her people don’t deserve such an unfair and unjust punishment as to have Barack Hussein Obama call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue his current address.A pastor prayed for rain so Obama’s rally would be a wash out. I pray for Hillary so Obama’s candidacy can be a wash out. Now I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain? Coming down on a sunny day.

Here’s to you, wishful thinking…