As The Bear Rises Again, Internal Appeasers Rise With Him

I read Glen Beck’s article on his interview with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. Saakashvili spoke about America and our founding fathers in such a positive and proud way. Remember, Saakashvili went to Columbia and studied our dear founding fathers.

But what struck me was the comments page. The obvious pro-Obama liberals bloggers who blamed Georgia for the conflict. They said things like, “Saakashvili is nothing but a Bush clone” “The United States needs to stop escalating hostilities” One person said that Bush has the nerve to call Russia a bully when the US has been known for decades as a global bully.

I’m a very patient young man, I try to understand people of all different backgrounds, beliefs, and viewpoints, but this is beyond my patience. The level to which the left will go to appease and excuse the likes of Iran, Russia, and Venezuela is beyond comprehension. They do not understand evil in its most absolute form.

I know now what I didn’t know at the time, Liberalism is unjust. In my opinion Liberalism is as dangerous as Islamic extremism. It’s dangerous because it decays our very core. Our freedoms, our individual expression. Liberalism threats all of those things we hold dear as free men and women. And it’s not just the blog sites it’s the media as a whole. You have Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann slamming both Georgia and the US for this so called, “shared conflict” This isn’t a shared conflict it’s an invasion. A full scale invasion by Russia. Forgive me if I do not support a country whose former president promoted himself to a higher position and now has a vision to expand beyond the city of Moscow. Forgive me if I do not side with Communists and dictators; I’m truly sorry.

Barack Obama called for both sides to show restraint. I’m thinking Georgia couldn’t hear him over the bombs dropping. When will leaders rise to take hold of the task at hand? When will people unite behind a call to end the acts of evil men? When will liberals realize there really is evil in the world, and no matter how much you yearn for peace; they do not believe in it.

I don’t want to say we’re going to learn the hard way but I fear it to be so. If Liberalism takes hold over this country I’m afraid liberals will gladly let the ship sink in the name of their own agenda.Glen Beck Article