Don't Know What You Got Til It's Gone

Okay I know what you may be thinking; a Libertarian Republican who supported and still has some support for a moderate Democrat Hillary Clinton. Well, in the larger picture and a choice between two evils, I stood by the lesser of the two.

To me Hillary Clinton was just like Bill. She was nowhere near the liberal she tried and failed to make herself out to be in an effort to win the activist base of the Democratic party. But my support for her was reconfirmed during the ABC debate in Philadelphia when she said if Iran attacked Israel with a nuclear weapon the US would quote, “Have the option to obliterate Iran” I fell in love all over again. It’s one thing I like about my presidents is tough talk. I admire the fire pissers and sh*t kickers who would gladly give life and limb for his or her country. Doesn’t matter if their personalities mesh with mine, as long as they’re willing to pull the trigger themselves, I’m behind them 100%

I guess it comes from the long Military history in my family. My dad was in the Air Force, my brother is in the Naval Reserve, my uncles served in Vietnam. I carry with me my Uncle Bo’s U.S. Marine Corp lapel pin. I’ve always admired George Washington, Grant, and Dwight Eisenhower for their bravery and unshaken leadership during uncertain times. To me those presidents exemplified the true meaning of the word, hero. All three men, Grant, Washington, and Eisenhower not only served as president but were also leading Military figures in three major wars. How’s that for historic.

So between McCain and Obama obviously McCain’s responses to Russia’s muscle flexing are taken with a bit more legitimacy by the American people than Obama’s. Obama, no matter what always seems to wanna, “Talk it out” As if you could actually imagine Barack Obama talking tough to Vladimir Putin. Former KGB, goes fishing and hunting with his shirt off Vladimir Putin. The same Putin who hand picked his country’s president, left office then promoted himself to a higher position than the current president of Russia. The same Putin who whacked more reporters, former government officials, and activists it would put Roy Demeo to shame. That Vladimir Putin.

If George Bush couldn’t get through to Putin, what makes the left and Obama himself think he can get through to him? Or maybe, does he really believe he can? I don’t. I think Obama is well, to be frank, a p*y.

My dad used to tell me that a man has to have a serious face and a set of cashews before he can be seen as tough or in control. Obama has neither. The left is trying paint McCain as the over the hill hawking warmonger and Obama as the intellect with a more “nuance” approach. let me tell you, when someone says nuance that’s code for appeasement or to be frank once more, coming off as a pansy or soft.

I cringed when I think about the Obama foreign policy. A policy where we talk to death, get nothing done, while the world we hold dear has been lost to mad men and ideologues. My friends that’s a world in which I do not desire residency.If there’s a possibility of Obama becoming president and there is, it makes me wish Hillary Clinton would sabotage the convention in Denver. So that naive appeaser who shy’s away from confrontation won’t be elected. Hey Barack, remember when you said you would debate John McCain anywhere, anytime on Foreign Policy matters and when he challenged you to several town hall debates you rejected the offer? Well, if you can’t even make good on your own trash talk when it comes to debating a 72 year old man with no real danger or consequences on the line, then what makes you think the American people believe you when you say you’ll talk tough to Ahmadinejad of Iran or Putin of Russia? Just a question from a concerned voter. And if I forgot to ask you the typical question you often get from your wide eyed supporters like, “What type of food do you enjoy the most?” or “What’s on your iPod right now?” forgive me; my intelligence sometimes gets the best of me.