All You Conservative Racist Devils

Well, according to Barack Obama you are. You see Mr. Obama has a problem with you right wingers going after his wife. He won’t stand by and let you Neo-Cons criticize his wife’s comments; it ain’t going down like that. Oh but it did. It did.

You see Senator Obama used to talk pretty tough after securing the Democratic nomination in June. First he puffed out his chest and publicly challenged John McCain and George Bush to a debate on Foreign Policy. I believe the quote was, “If John McCain and George Bush want to have a debate on foreign policy that’s a debate I’m happy to have, anytime, anywhere, any place.”

No, no, no you got it all wrong see. Barack Obama was simply trying to energize his base. That’s all. We’re all, “friends” here. Of course there was the time he told Robin Roberts the Republicans and Conservatives better, “Back off” when it comes to his wife or else.

Now Senator Obama take his “Tough Talk Mobile” and rolls right in the direction of Fox News. He started off with everyone’s favorite Conservative and go to target for liberals, Sean Hannity. Then he proceeded to label Fox News as a “Conservative attack machine”

So I guess it’s an attack machine when a news channel asks tough but fair questions. When Obama got grilled on his position shift on Iraq, that was an “unfair” attack on his policy, when Fox News hammered him on why he stayed in a church for 20 years listening and following under the advice of a known racist and anti-America pastor, it was “unfair” It seems to me that whenever a news outlet isn’t fawning over your very existence or giving you softball questions like, “What do you do on vacation?” or “You think the Cubs will go all the way this year?” It can seem a bit shocking.

So then Greta Van Susteren got into the fray and like Hannity before, invited Senator Obama or his wife, or both even to come on her show and explain where he came up with such false and overstated attacks. And I assume Obama will probably be a no show. I believe Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly invited Barack Obama on their show several times.

Barack needs to change his name to “Tony Ducks”

This guy avoids confrontation like no other. I mean this is complete and utter cowardliness. This guy couldn’t stand the heat of a lit match, much less face the likes of Greta Van Susteren? Are you kidding me?

I mean yeah he talked to Chris Wallace, and Megan Kelley, Alan Colmes I think; but then he goes and bashes Fox News and blames them for his missteps and the misstatements of his wife and associates?

Whatever happened to principle and judgment? A person with good judgment has the ability to understand not to launch false claims on another person on group. For if those claims are found to be lies, then the public will denounce your judgment as unfounded speculation and petty dribble.

If Obama wants us to “believe”(I could barely type this without laughing) that he’s tough, and principled, stands on his own two feet as someone with a sense of leadership and unshaken vision, then I suggest he memorize one of the most well known sayings in American culture: “You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”

Ducking little ol’ Greta and a 72 year old man isn’t walking the walk. It’s running for the hills before you get your butt kicked on national television.Perhaps a lesson for Barack Obama, nothing is more telling than a man stepping into battle without his armor; because he never realized before just how much the arrows hurt.