How To Cure The Economy's Common Cold

It seems our respective presidential candidates miss the most important message about the economy: The people for which it serves.

Obama offers quasi-socialist policy; bleed the rich to support the poor and middle class, it’s a classic and failed Democratic answer.

McCain suffers from tax cut tourette syndrome, sure it’s a fine remedy but it only eases the pain before death. You have to go deeper than just cutting taxes.

Here’s the cure for the economy’s common cold:

  1. Encourage individual invest: It’s important, now more than ever to save. Americans, no matter how much they make should put some of that away, in a bank account. Even if it’s one dollar or ten.

Build your foundation through investments and business ventures. Expand your knowledge by talking with financial advisers and the like.

The reason why rich people in America survive during economic turn down is because of their savings and investments that grow overtime. It’s time for the middle class and lower class to get in on the action.

  1. Cutting Taxes on every American, not just the rich, the poor who pay little or no taxes at all, or the middle class.

So often we look to demonize rich people in this country. For the simple fact that they’re successful and well, we aren’t. So our answer to every economic problem is to put it on the shoulders of the rich. Tax the rich until they pay for Universal Health Care, gas money for lower income folks, wealth redistribution will bleed and trickle down. Eventually you’ll have to redistribute the wealth of the middle class as they improve from the wealth of the rich. It’s a counterproductive measure that fails.

  1. Cut taxes for business to prevent relocation and outsourcing.

Businesses don’t seek production or workers overseas just to destroy America or to purposely put the American working man out of a job. They do so because of lower taxes. For instance China won’t raise taxes on let’s say, Tyson Foods because China knows Tyson Foods will offer millions of jobs. So what we have to do is stop this persecution of Corporate America so that the average American won’t lose their factory job.

  1. Lower Corporate Tax

  2. Promote Fair Free Trade, Avoid Protectionism

  3. Prevent American owned ports from being used by foreign nations

  4. Create new jobs through public demand.

  5. Cut Government Spending.

We need to limit the amount of money being spent in Washington. I don’t care if the polar bears need a helping hand I reject any measure put forth that requires over a million or so dollars to save an animal who was last recorded to have increased its numbers after Democrats lied and said Polar Bears were endangered.

I find it idiotic that the government spends your money on beach research, polar bears, and a Woodstock Museum. Shouldn’t your money go toward something that will benefit you? I mean if you like drugs, sexual expression, and peace then maybe that Woodstock Museum is a good idea.

  1. Last and most important, take risk. But be responsible.

The most dangerous mistake someone could make is to be irresponsible with their finances. Live within your means and don’t expect handouts or bailouts. Accountability is one of the most important steps in living a good life. If you see a good business venture go on that gut instinct and invest in that venture. Time and money that is. If you see something you’re not sure about then pull back and seek ventures elsewhere. But all in all Risk, Responsibility, Accountability, and Restraint will provide the safety net you need whether the economy is booming or experiencing slow down.