A Call To Condemn Moveon.Org and the Daily Kos

People of Redstate I call on you to condemn Moveon.org. This radical organization borders between activist group and organized crime syndicate. Their extortionist actions and intimidation of Hillary Clinton supporters during the Nevada caucus was only one example of their unethical and downright criminal tactics in which they expand power within the Democratic party. Their Executive Director, Eli Pariser stated back in 2005 that quote, “They own the Democratic Party”**

We must denounce such radical groups and prevent their negative influence in our political system and society. It would not be fair for me to call for the denouncement of Democrat based groups; I also call for a rejection of Republican based groups who participate in like minded tactics. We must filter out groups who seek the decay of our traditional foundation in the name of their own agenda and vision.

We must however remember the rights of these people, no matter how damning and corrupt they are. So we must continue to reject their ads, press releases, emails, and ignore any future plans they may have. The best way to rid a nation’s people of such radical entities is to simply tune them out. Then they’ll realize their most powerful weapon, which is the people will be used against them.

For the history of Moveon.org here’s a link:Moveon.org