Clinton Has A Motive?

Okay so now the media* (lead by Obama fan boy Chris Matthews) * is starting to question Hillary Clinton’s motives when it comes to supporting Barack Obama, kind of supporting him, or not really being as enthusiastic about supporting him like the media and the Democratic party wants her and thinks she should be. But my answer to that is, who cares?

I mean really, I see the phony “love” within this “united” party. The same answers that every Democratic Strategist and politician give when asked if the party and the two candidates will come together in an act of unity come the time of the Denver Convention. Personally I don’t think the Hillocrats are as supportive of Obama as the Democratic party tries to make us believe. In fact I think the media isn’t reporting the facts as well, a former Clinton supporter like myself sees them.

I’ve talked to a lot of die hard Hillary supporters and they all say the say thing, *”No way, Nobama” * So what if Hillary Clinton wants to put her name in nomination? Why is it a bad thing for her supporters to get one last go around? I believe the Democrats fear a black backlash. They also fear that Hillary Clinton and her supporters would embarrass Barack Obama. But who cares? I feel the party brought this on themselves when they decided to enact selective democracy during the primary race. Their pressure to get Hillary out of the race was subtle. They chose sides during the primary the DNC committee meeting and now, Hillary and her supporters should choose sides. That’s the way I see it.So what do you think? Do you think Hillary Clinton should subject herself to constant criticism and be under the watchful eye of the liberal media so they can make certain she “Gets with the program and plays nice”?

And at the end of the day is it worth it for her? Democrats and the Moveon crowd will just disrespect her anyway.

And lastly watch out for Chelsey Clinton. I think between the two of them Chelsey feels more in line with Bill. She doesn’t like Obama, she thinks his campaign purposely painted her father as a racist, and I don’t think she wants to support Obama.