Obama's "Plan"

Obama’s plan is to rob from the rich and give to the poor. In his tax plan he said he would raise taxes on those making 250,000 a year, then he changed that to 97,000 a year. He wants to roll back the Bush tax cuts which would increase taxes. You don’t want to raise taxes or create new spending when the economy is at a slow down or stand still. That’s exactly what Obama wants to do. He talks about how Exxon Mobile and other big companies are the villain but what he fails to understand that those companies, if you tax them will send jobs overseas and produce for other nations because they know those nations won’t raise their taxes. Obama says he’ll raise taxes on companies that send jobs overseas well that’s fine because those companies will keep sending those jobs elsewhere because those nations won’t again, tax them. So what does he hope to accomplish by doing that?

Same goes for his Windfall Profit tax plan. If you tax big oil they’ll

A. Pass it on to the consumer

B. Send production overseas to China or India who won’t tax them and encourage production

C. Why tax big oil when the Government receives 15% of those earnings?

Obama also supports Gun ControlHe wants to provide 1000 rebate for middle class families for gas? Why do that when we can drill offshore as a transitional energy process, develop alternative sources, and create fuel friendly automobiles.

Giving money away like it’s Christmas won’t solve the energy problem. it’s just another big government, spend solution to every problem we face.

He wants a yearly increase of minimum wage. So basically no matter what everyone working at Taco Bell, say will get paid the same amount. I wonder if Barack Obama has ever heard of Performance Based Pay. Basically that means you get paid based on how well you do the job. If every got paid the same based on “fairness” then we would have no need for higher level position, pay raises, promotions, or entry level positions because we would all get the same payment amount anyway so why bother?

As far as his plan to extend unemployment benefits, the way you get someone off of unemployment is for that person to I don’t know, get a job?

You know I want to point out how amusing it is that Barack Obama will gladly meet with Ahmadenijad but he won’t meet with wounded troops because gosh, he just had to go exercise that day. Which further explains how self obsessed and completely manufactured he is. Gotta keep those tri’s and bi’s in check you know what I mean?

It seems to me that Obama’s “fairness” theme sounds a lot like socialism. Squeeze the rich so the poor can live. The middle class is hurting so I’ll hurt the upper class

If you’re rich and successful you should be ashamed of yourself because a trucker in Alaska lost his job

Americans are paying 4 dollars for gas so Exxon Mobile isn’t allowed to gain record profits.

I don’t get the connection here

Perhaps it’s because I believe in personal responsibility, hard work, rebuilding my life, taking the hit now and reaping the rewards of hard work and struggle later.

Maybe I’m just cruel to think ya know, the citizen who bares the rights and freedoms to choose their own way of life, should have the same rights to choose their own Health Care plan.

But again, maybe I’m sinister for believing the government’s role is to make laws and protect us from terrorism and things we cannot control ourselves; instead of controlling our lives, our way of life, and what we do with our time.

I don’t know about you but I prefer living my life on my own terms. Maybe I’m a sucker for individuality. Maybe I’m just a sucker period.