Follow The Leader

A wise man once said, “When your political opponent suddenly changes position that is similar to yours, it means you’re on the right side of that issue” And such is the case with Energy. John McCain has supported offshore drilling since June; his opponent Barack Obama opposed offshore drilling…until now. In the same day he accused McCain of being in the back pocket of big oil, yet Obama himself received thousands from big oil, did I mention he now supports offshore drilling?

His reason is as empty as his candidacy for president. Barack Obama approaches politics like a contestant on Survivor or Big Brother. Whatever shall get him to the final round, the prize money, he will slither from position to position.

Although this game of “Follow the leader” didn’t start a few weeks ago or a month or so ago; it started back in the Democratic Primary, when Obama on numerous occasions took Hillary Clinton’s proposals and positions and claimed them as his own. He even had Bill Clinton’s old staff. In my opinion the most qualified candidate lost the Democratic nomination but that’s neither here nor there. Even though I was but a few Republicans that openly supported Hillary Clinton.

So I wonder what Obama will follow McCain on next. Iraq, perhaps? He already tried to act half way slick and “refine” his position on Iraq but he was caught in the act.

**So here’s a question for the RedState crowd. Why is it that Senator McCain never gets the credit he deserves for having the courage to stand against his party or support issues such as oil drilling or the surge in Iraq when there not political popular? Why is it considered “brave” or an act of “leadership”, bipartisan when Obama changes positions for political gain?