Obama Crime Family: Inside and Out

At the top is the family’s top boss Barack “Barry” Obama. His second in command, David “Wonderboy” Axelrod serves as his main adviser and the outfit’s under boss of Chicago.

I’ve been following the outfit for months; taking breaks when I can. So far I’ve been able to pin different activities to the Obama crime family.

Obama himself, often labeled as a “Teflon” candidate, reminds me of another untouchable and equally slick Mafia boss, John Gotti. Like Gotti, Obama seems to have huge favor with the media. Whether it be his charm or his celebrity appeal, Obama manages to slip out unharmed by any heat that comes down. The way he does such precise maneuvering is getting his soldiers and Capos to do the dirty work for him while he remains the squeaky clean front man. We have yet to nail Obama for his ties with reputed Real Estate hustler Anthony “Tony” Rezko. Rezko, who’s wife has given money to the Obama campaign, is a well known figure in and around the Chicago underworld. Rezko gave Obama a deal on his home, Obama later purchased a lot used by Rezko. Early this summer Rezko was on trial for questionable business deals.

Obama sent Axelrod, the under boss of Chicago out to New York in order to put pressure on Hillary Clinton to bow out of the race and in return they’ll retire her debt. When she refused the order was given to

“Whack New York” which is a code for taking Hillary out of the race. Hillary soon left the race and the Obama outfit was sitting pretty.

Now there seems to be a bigger problem for the now notoriously tight run outfit. Senator John McCain, who Democrats and the Obama family believed would be a walk in the park is gaining on the family’s path and isn’t going away so easily.

Now the Obama camp is trying to use their power and influence in the Unions and television media to smear and even intimidate voters and McCain supporters. They even smeared John McCain with the “racist”* label. Obama claimed behind closed doors that the Republicans and McCain would play the race card. But those false accusations backfired.

So far things have been going the opposite of what the family expected. I predict another move will take place in the coming days or weeks. But so far we haven’t been able to really pin Obama for anything. Whether it be his soldiers or his Capos making remarks and or carrying out attacks, Obama himself always seems to slip into the night untouched. Make out nice like the innocent.

Here’s the list of the Family’s top members from top to bottom:

**Barack “Barry” Obama(Outfit’s Top Boss out of Chicago and Hawaii)

David “Wonderboy” Axelrod(Chicago Under Boss, Obama Top Adviser)

David Plouffe(Consigliere)

Peter “Pete the Killer” Rouse(Top Capo and Enforcer)

Robert “Bobby Arms” Gibbs(Capo and Top Soldier)**

I will continue to track the Obama camp at various rallies and town halls meetings. Well, the ones they actually agree to participate in. It puzzled me but back around the beginning of July, maybe late June the Obama campaign declined John McCain’s offer of various town hall debates. This came weeks after Obama himself, in a rare form of undisciplined emotion said he would debate John McCain and the Republicans, and I quote, ) “Anywhere, anytime, it’s a debate he would be happy to have”** So one has to wonder why all the sudden he’s ducking these town hall offers.

And have the recent missteps by the family caused voters to rethink just what exactly they’ve been doing? So much money, influence, and power, all seemed to be for not. We’ll have to see if the underdog McCain unseats the “Teflon” Don Barack Obama.In related news Facebook recently reported that Obama supporters are going around deprogramming anti-Obama and Pro-McCain groups. Also, many PUMA members have been intimidated by Obama supporters on Facebook and Myspace; even in public. Stay tune for more information on this wild and unnerving development.