Conventional Wisdom

Remember when Barack Obama slammed Hillary Clinton, calling her a “participant” in dirty politics, saying she’ll do and say anything to win? Oh and he and his campaign also tried to play the “Woe is me, they’re attacking my race” card; that worked to some extent. At the time Barack Obama never seemed to point out that those tactics he and his Capos used were the same tactics he called “old style politics” and “below the belt” strategies. Remember when Barack Obama said that he will always stay on message and talk only about the issues? Well do you think warning the crowd in Springfield, MO about how John McCain and the Republicans will try to scare voters into voting against Barack Obama by using his race, exotic name, and unknown persona as a means to put fear and doubt in voters’ minds?

It’s one thing to accuse Republicans and John McCain of doing something they actually did, but to accuse them of doing things they’ve never done is not only misleading but it’s the lowest form of political strategy. He’s basically using false motives and accusations. Not once did John McCain ever use Barack Obama’s race or background as a way to gain political points or votes. If anything John McCain’s gracious nature has cost him because it makes him seem boring and unexciting. Obama on the other hand, wants to set up the doctrines a bit early this year. He wants to lay out the rules of the game. We can’t talk about his record, or you’re an old style politician, you can’t talk about his judgment or you’re trying to raise fears among voters, and you can’t talk about the comments he made or you’re trying to parse his words and take them out of context for political purpose.

So what can we do? If we can’t talk about your record, your words, your questionable judgment, what can we do Senator Obama?

I mean, Cindy McCain was attacked for her financial earnings and how much she spends a year on her own PERSONAL items. John McCain’s medical record and his temper was brought up quite a bit, yet when McCain compares Obama to Paris Hilton the world stops spinning and every liberal in America gets upset. So McCain is “losing his barrings” or he’s “too old to be president” but Obama can’t be too inexperienced or too naive to be president? Oh that’s right, if anyone says that they must be using code words that really refer to Obama’s race and exotic background.

God, conventional wisdom sucks in this country.

You know what, McCain shouldn’t have to defend the fake messiah ad if Obama would stop acting as if he can bring world peace with the snap of his finger or like he said,

“Lower the oceans, feed the hungry, job the jobless” Sounds like this guy is “jobbing” all of us if you know what I mean.