I'm Not Surprised

You know maybe this was a foolish move on my part, perhaps I’m a bit naive but I read a post by a Dailykos kid and the post was criticizing FOX News and their coverage of Tony Snow’s death. I know, shocking right? The post itself wasn’t overly disrespectful, in fact the blogger seemed to be scolding FOX News for spending a whole day reflecting on Tony Snow’s life. But that’s where I was taken back by the post. See there’s a sense of hypocrisy coming from liberals and their blogs. When Tim Russert died MSNBC did the same did the same thing. They too spent a whole day reflecting on the life of Russert; in fact they spent an entire two weeks doing so, plus they aired the funeral on several days. But oh no, it’s different with Fox News because you know, that’s a “neo-con” “right wing” network. Even though Rupert Murdoch was a strong Hillary supporter and now supports Obama.

The lines of hypocrisy are getting to the point of no return. You’re constantly barraged with criticism by the left for doing something they are currently doing or did prior to the hack jobs they preform on Conservative media, bloggers, and politicians.

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    • **What Will Be The Next News Story In Relation To Tony Snow’s Death?
  • Bill O’Reilly Does a Segment on DailyKos
  • 22% 10 votes
  • Fox”News” Does 24hrs of Remembering Tony Snow ( Misses Other Important Stories )
  • 27% 12 votes
  • Sean Hannity Browbeats “Liberal Guest” Who Once May Have Said Something Bad About Snow
  • 31% 14 votes
  • MSNBC Offer Condolences, Fox and Friends Photoshop Keith Olbermann Into A Coffin
  • 18% 8 votes**

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I guess the word “shame” doesn’t pertain to the left. I guess they feel if it looks and sounds Conservative then it must be criticized and bashed in the most vile and absurd way. Even if it’s a death like Tony Snow or Jesse Helms. Yes, they even went after the old iron Senator. That’s another post for another day. Redstate bloggers could have went after Tim Russert or Ted Kennedy, but unlike those at the Dailykos or the Huffington Post we have a bit more class and respect of another human being. See when it comes to plain and simple humanity and dignity, Redstate bloggers and other Conservative minded blog sites look past ideology and party affiliation. The Kos kids didn’t get the memo.

I find myself, as a centrist respecting and agreeing with Conservatives than I ever thought I would. I used to be this lost far-left follower of radical ideology. I look back at how I was in high school and I don’t like it. There’s something unattractive about the left. I have a genuine reaction to the left as unjust and wrong. I believe America’s majority is either Conservative or Moderate with more tilt to the right than left. I find myself embracing Republican politicians than ever before; heck I even support most Conservative and Republican policies and issues. I went from pro-choice, to pro-life, anti-war to understanding and realizing the serious and real threats in the world, I used to believe that government owned each citizen something, now I understand that what I want out of life I have to work hard to earn for myself.

Hey…maybe I’m finally growing.