Do Obama supporters seem a little off? Obama & Al Queida both use hypnosis

PROOF–OBAMABOTS ARE ON KOOLAID. This is the same koolaid served by Al Queida to their suicide bombers. Hypnosis.

So how does Al Queida convince suicide bombers to end their lives by killing others? Their heads are completely messed with.

Now, how does Obama–mind you logically this man should not even be competative for the White House. The South side of Chicago is in ruins. The taxes are excessively high, the graduation rate is about half… obviously the reason why Obama is threatened by Palin. And the reason why his campaign was so raunchy to Palin and Joe the Plumber.

How does he convince people to vote for him without any logical rationale? The man graduated with a JD in law from Harvard, he knows that his arguements are illogical.

Logically, you cannot argue that he has ANY experience at all relevant to the job.

Obama’s speeches has been psychoanalyzed by a hypnotist. Dr. Erickson has been referenced many times in this article and hypnotism is the main theme. This is the same exact thing done by Al Queida to hypnotise suicide bombers.

source: www.scribd.com/doc/7470439/Obamas-Use-of-Hidden-Hypnosis-Techniques-in-His-Speeches

“Hypnosis-type mental pressure has been held by the Supreme Court to be unduly unconstitutional as to deny them their fundamental rights. See Leyra v. Denno, 347 U.S. 556 (1954), Leyra v. Denno, No. 635, Argued April 28th, 1954 347 U.S. 556. ”

“Hypnotizing someone without their knowledge is the height of immortality”.

“‘Pacing’ can be almost any techique by which a hypnotist gets your critical factor to lower it’s critical analysis and scrutiny of the information you are receiving.”

Also, instead of using logical facts and concious pursuation to close a sale, Obama gives a “lead” to close a sale. After hypnosis, he says “I will be your next president”.

And unfortunately, this is the result. youtube.com/watch?v=381gFG4Crr8 These people may not be gullible. They may not be stupid. He is using hypnosis to gain political power. At this level is unconstitutional, unethical, illegal and corrupt. It’s questionable if he’s up to something.

He probably used illegal contributions to buy out the media. He’s spreading his own propoganda around. Faking a lead is something his pal Odinga did in Kenya in 2007. There was also a lot of bullying during the elections. Obama faked a lead with Hillary in California during the primaries. I’m sure he’s fakign a lead right now against McCain. The Obama bought media has been bullying anyone perceived as a threat to Obama.

I hope America can get it together before November 4th and vote against this man. There’s something very wrong with this picture and he’s trouble.