MN-Gov Headed Towards Automatic Recount

Before I talk in more detail about the potential for a recount, I want to give a quick update on the currect tally. The Minnesota Secretary of State’s website states that all 4136 of the state’s precincts have reported. Having said that, the current count indicates the possibility of a recount:

Candidate          Votes   Percent % 
Mark Dayton (D)   919,234    43.63 
Tom Emmer (R)     910,380    43.21 
Tom Horner (MNIP) 251,503    11.94 

Source: Minnesota Secretary of State Unofficial Election Results at 3:11:28 PM on 11/3/2010

The above tally is unofficial, but the current margin, of less than half a percent, would trigger an automatic recount. I discussed, in greater detail, the contingencies required for a recount earlier this morning. I have several thoughts on the interim results as they relate to a potential recount.

A more complete article is available at: HowWillAmericaVote.com