MN Board Resolves 6,688 Challenges

The Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office posted a draft quality spreadsheet containing a proposed resolution for all 6,688 challenges. I’ve tabulated the results into a more readable format below:

Candidate     Challenges  ->Coleman  ->Franken  ->Other
Coleman (R)     3,404         32       3,125      247
Franken (D)     3,296       2,926        71       299
Both              12          3          5         4
Total           6,688       2,955      3,191      478

Challenge Gain: Franken +236

Margin (Pre-Challenges): Coleman +188
Challenge Draft Recount Margin: Franken +48

The State Canvassing Board will meet tomorrow morning, at 9 AM CT, to finalize the allotment of all challenges. For now however, based upon this initial draft, Franken has taken a 48 vote lead. The only ballots left to count or perhaps uncount, are the wrongfully rejected absentee ballots and a few ballots that were possibly double counted. The MN Supreme Court will meet tomorrow at 2 PM CT to tackle the issue of the duplicate ballots.

The State Canvassing Board’s discussion will be streamed live via TheUpTake.org starting at 9 AM CT.