Why John McCain should be or Commander

Look I’m not really ever involved in politics. Honestly I usually dont care who gets in office. Im a soldier on my 3rd tour in Iraq and I usually to busy to care. I’m not a member of either party. I have a wife and two kids and getting home to them after each trip here is my goal.

I trust John McCain. He’s been in situations that others in my position have been in, worse in many cases. He was faithful to his country after years of imprisonment. Not as a POW that knew his head was comming off in hours but one that knew he was going to be tortured and abused for years. I get the feeling from people that they think he’s some kind of war-monger. No one that experiences what he has would put people in a position he’s been in without careful thought and knowing first hand the consequences.

Barrack Ombama isn’t a bad guy. He maight even do well as Commander in chief. What does he know though? He doesn’t have the life experiences that shape a man the way John McCain has. To him I think regular working class people, military, buisness’, are just a means to an end. He is a good orator but I dont think he can deliver on the promises of change he says he can. Everyone, including people like me who don’t follow politics, knows that when someone gets in office your lucky if they make good on half the promises they make before they get in office.

Barrack Obama is different, Thats why people will vote for him. Hes young, African American, and promises the world. I understand people want something different, I get that. He has little experience though. I really hate to make this comparison but it’s the best example I can think of. He makes me think of Hitler. A man with no experience, a great orator, and a guy that promises to fix everything. Please don’t take this the wrong way either. I’m pretty sure Obama doesn’t want to conquer the world and become the name of evil for the next century. But really he’s a wind bag like Hitler was and everyone thinks he’s the answer to all their problems.

Will the free world fall with Obama in office?.. doubt it. But why put a guy in office that has so little to offer. Mabye it’s where I am right now, Iraq, but I could mabye find 1 in 100 here that want Obama in office. Iraqi’s are afraid of Obama getting in. They believe it spells doom for them. I talk to them daily, it’s what they believe.

I trust John McCain. I believe he is the best thing for our country. Posting on this sight I’m probably preaching to the choir but I just needed to say something somewhere.

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