Arizona Republican Conservatives Unite, Flay Rino McCain

“Anybody But McCain” Resolution Passed By Organized “Party” Conservatives

What are “Party Conservatives?”  Conservatives who are actually voting members of our Republican Party.  Here’s a concrete example of what conservatives, actively engaged “inside” our Party at the precinct level, can achieve when they unite and organize.
The “neighborhood committee precinct project”, an effort led by “Cold Warrior” to encourage conservative Republicans to become actual “precinct voters” has begun to yield results.  I understand that Cold Warrior no longer posts at Redstate, however, he has not been resting on his laurels, as his “Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy” has yielded another concrete victory:  the conservative precinct committeemen of the Maricopa County (Arizona) Republican Committee, at their Mandatory Meeting of its “voting members” (the precinct committeemen), overwhelming voted for a resolution to endorse “Anybody But McCain” in the upcoming primary election for the U.S. Senate.
Here are links to some articles that tell the tale:
This proves  that taking over the local county party by conservatives is not that difficult. Join your county’s party. Become a precinct committeeman who actually determines the nominee of the Republican party. Do you want a Rino nominee or a conservative ? The precinct committeemen vote determine the candidates and policy of each county. There are virtually an unlimited number of open slots, unfilled precinct committee positions in every US county. Just show up and vote.