John King-CNN- unleashes 2nd wife on NEWT

John King, CNN, and currently married to his second wife, fellow CNN reporterette Dana Bash, has unleashed her today in vituperative comments directed toward Newt Gingrich.

King and his second wife, no doubt upset and feeling betrayed by his own inept CNN staff’s incompetence, filed a story under Dana Bash’s byline today, expressing DEEP, DEVOUT concerns about Newt Gingrich. Titled “GOP ANGST: Gingrich’s rise could be their downfall”. I mean should’nt any multi-marriage reporter be concerned about being humiliated in front of a 7,000,000+ audience ? Especially if the object of your derisive question about multi-marriage (not yours, HIS) turns you into a liberal laughingstock ? Well of course. And of course knocking out a RINO in the process…… well that could really hurt one or two careers at CNN. Yes, both John King and Dana BASH ( Only Republicans get BASHED) work at CNN.

John King , married twice, current wife Dana Bash, is NOT related to Larry King, CNN, married 16 times…..Yep , family values at CNN is important to the Kings. Now where is that Herman Cain guy gone to ?????


Read the whole article:  http://cnn.com/2012/01/23/politics.gingrich-gop-angst/index.html