Life after Obama's Oval Office Coronation..

Greetings from the White House.Today I, Obama the Elected Oval Office selectee, decree that the MSM will follow the The Oval Office by an embedded set of MSM newspersons.

Expanded Briefings will be presented, detailing our Staff Legislation Efforts, our West Wing Teams working details and my own personal observations as the embeds watch from the Oval Office Sofa.

They will be watching as my staff deal out the sops earned from the recent successful sham we pulled off. Embeds will then deliver ther WRITTEN efforts to my Staff for clarification, spell checking and grammer erasures, all to ensure that you, the witless public, can read about my magnificent efforts.

The MSM while receiving this intimate knowledge of my Staffers wrangling will also have daily Analysis Briefings of the Foriegn Policy staff. Dedicated to getting the correct message out to the public, who could, as they have indicated recently, care less. Therefore, this effort will be minimal, only to sage the consciences of the Anti War Sofa Sitters.

Folks, I understand you care about less fortunate, but the efforts to help them will take sacrifice, more of your income delivered to the IRS and thus to me. But as my Mentor, Saul Alinsky, used to say, the saps don’t know, don’t understand and just need to be driven as sheep to the cliff.Take heart, it will only get worse, oops, I meant Better…Peace.endObviously, this satire will never be broadcast. The actual facts will be far more subtle.

The MSM media, now opting for support and aid for the Left Cadidate, will find their efforts directed via West Wing Stafffers quietly controlling thier feeds. The old Off the Record sources will dry up, the Legislative sources so eager to feed them will go away and the only sources will be the Offical Versions of Obamas Admin Office.News folks live and die from sources. Therefore Control of Sources, via the Control of the sources’ sources will be effected. This Tactic, old as the 1914 USSR revolution will be implemented. No direct censorship, as this is too blatant, but a slow erosion of inputs, only news that the Oval Office wants us to hear, will be Order of the Day.

MSM will cry foul. MSM will cry, oh how they will cry.

My Opine. Within the first 100 days, we can expect to see daily Oval Office TV news take over the nightly news, as the new Oval Office Transparency effort. LINK TV will be right in there also. A sop to old George Soros.

Read, REview, Analyze, Choose, Decide, Vote. Our USA way of life depends on it.end