Losing one of our Four Freedoms, will MSM care?

**Freedom of Speech, Press. Freedom of Religion. Freedom of Assembly & Freedom from want. In our General Election this November, the choice is clear. Socialism or Capitalism. Our Decision will be in effect immediately after the November results are in. The Transition Teams are running in place.

These freedoms are precious. Already, the MSM has opted for support to Mr. Obama’s General Election Campaign. The bias, or candidate selection, is obvious.

Not to say that there are not alternative MSM sources, who have not opted, nor seem likely to. The NET, our blessed media, has more actual Newspaper type sites than are available on Cable, basic.

Additionally, we have Mr. Soros, of the Hedgefund fame, breaker of the Bank of England, ready and waiting to impose LINK TV, apparently his own personal MSM network. LINK TV, near as I can deduce operates in the UE as Soros personal media outlet.

Consider this: Obama wins, the 100 day Legislative list is imposed, MSM opts to allow the LINK TV into the USA net, via the newly set up HDTV broadcast rule and we have a MSM owned and operated by the New Oval Office Sofa Sitter.

ALL of this is to say, We started out with a Free Press. We used to have UNbiased commentary, straigt up 5 W’s reporting, without analysis. The good old days….

IF this goes as the Irish and Brits are betting we will see the imposition of the Four Freedom loss within a period of 6-12 months.

So, what to do.1. If your desire a Socialistic USA, vote Mr O.2. If your desire is to have Capitalistic Republic, vote for Mr. McCain.If number 1 happens, reccommend we all figure out how to live entireley differently than we have in the past. A new ball game entirely.end**