Rubicon, Cross Roads this November, a Decision for the USA.

There is a  Hwy 61 and Illinois Central RR crossroad, deep in the Delta.

The tradition goes with this Cross Road, deep in the Delta, is that the Delta Musicians went to this place, seeking their fortune, via a deal with the Devil. Supposedly, at midnite either a long black limo or a long black train, arrived, carrying the Devil and his band.The Delta Musician was offered a deal. His soul for fame, fortune, musical skills, and more. If the Delta Musician accepted, fire, brimstone and smoke enveloped the Musician, and he was endowed

“In return for his Soul, the Musician would receive guaranteed employment, success, and a short, but sweet life. The decision was driven by future needs, and wants.” For our November election decision, we too are driven by our future needs and wants. Additionally, as USA Citizens, we have a duty to our fellow electorate to decide the USA’s future needs and wants. We are at a Cross Road that not only will affect us personally, for years to come; it will affect our Nation as well. We may well be the last Voters of this Republic to have the privilege of deciding how our Nation will go into History, as a Failed Socialistic experiment or a Strong Republic.

Our USA, our Norman Rockwell society, has traveled to this type of Cross Road, since the mid 1950s. From a society as pictured so often in his paintings, we have arrived at the society we live in today. The changes have been profound. The time line of travel has encompassed revolutions in every aspect of our lives. The Greatest generation of WW2 has all but passed away. The Depression Born Generation, are now living on Social Security and enjoying the Winter of their lives. The Baby boomers, children of the Depression Generation, are coming to the ends of their productive lives. The Latest Generation, will be the recipients of the Cross Road decision. The Electorate will decide their future society. Thus, we have come to this point in our history.We have encouraged, accepted and ignored a great deal of the revolutionary aspects of the changes that have occurred in this past 60 years. These changes, some blatant, some subtle, are coming to a confluence of decisions IE: A Cross Road. The changes that I refer to are embodied in the Four Freedoms, as expressed by FDR in his WW2 Address to the Nation upon the Day of Infamy. They are: Freedom of Speech, Press. Freedom of Religion. Freedom of Assembly & Freedom from want.In our General Election this November, the choice is clear. Socialism or Capitalism. Our Decision will be in effect immediately after the November results are in. The Transition Teams are running in place.

The Rubicon was the last river crossing to Rome. We are at the same point in our history. If we go Left. Socialism. If we Right. CapitalismThe choice is STILL ours.end