Poll watcher.

 While the wife slept in this morning, i woke to the alarm, made some pilsbury bisquits for the kids, then headed out the door. I attended a pollwatcher training program for 2 hours. On a saturday. before noon. getting the picture?  9 months ago, i was reading here, wonder how to engage. 6 months ago, i was on  my knees, praying, “show me the path you want me to walk” . 6 weeks ago, i walked into the local Republican County HQ and started to phonebank.  On Tuesday, I will take my place in the process. I will be a watcher. A silent sentry. A witness.  A presence at the polling station. And there are many just like me. This is on my watch. This is my vigil. Every valid vote is sacred. Every false ballot an assault on liberty. I am manning my station.    I was queried by my mentors how long i intend to be at my local polling station. ” From the time they audit the voting machines, to the time they certify my polling station’s results.” Long day? Yep. I am packing a lunch. and there will be 3 of us, for our side. 2 will be on watch at a time. I have been led down the line, to a breach in the line. And i now stick my finger, my hand, my body, in the breach until Tuesday nite. And longer. I am here for the duration, until He shows me it is time to serve another purpose.